Dennis Kildare Update

Monday 6/11 p.m. – Susan Miller

Made a point of stopping in to see Dennis Kildare today  (as we are leaving in the morning for a trip) at pueblo norte rehab facility.


I went unannounced.  He is in room 319 in the rehab section.  Margie was there  at his bedside“““— no surprise.


Considering all that he has been thru, I think he was in remarkably great  spirits….. “Get me the f&^% out of here” eventually was mentioned as part of the conversation.  He has the determination to get thru this stage for sure!! He was up and walking on his own with oxygen.  The think it wil be two weeks until he is “released ” to go home …. but we’ll see.

Both Dennis and Margie want everyone to know that they are taking calls “when Dennis is up to it” so don’t take offense if they do not respond immediately, just give it some time. He could be busy with physical therapy or resting……., and that is more important right now.

Just thought you would be the one to pass this on to the gang.

Thursday 6/7 a.m. – Cris Caruso

Good News… Dennis has been moved to the Pueblo Norte rehab center. He’s recovering well and should be going home within 10 days.

Saturday 6/2 p.m. – Howard Jones

I spoke with Dennis this afternoon. He’s out of I.C.U. and the process of recovery is underway. The procedure he underwent will take the wind out of the sails of the toughest of men and it’s clearly been hard for Dennis. But as we all know, he’s a competitor and he’ll be back on the first tee sometime down the road. He’s doing well, but it’s a frustrating and difficult road to travel. He has always been behind us and there’s no doubt we’ll all be behind him during his recovery process. I look forward to seeing the cart coming over the ridge with Dennis at the wheel. That day isn’t that far away.

Monday 5/28 a.m. – Debbie Wentrup

Happy Memorial Day!

Spoke with Margie this morning.Dennis is doing much better, breathing some on his own and they have him up and walking so a good thing. He is still in ICU, no word when they will be moving him. He is uptight and nervous which is causing him not to sleep. They are working on this and hope to relax him soon. Margie is taking the day off hoping with no one around he might rest better. Plus she is exhausted and will rest today. She sounds good also and doesn't need anything at this point.

Hugs to all

Debbie Wentrup

Friday 5/25 p.m. – Chris Caruso

Hello friends,

I talked to Margie this afternoon. She said that Dennis is breathing on his own and is in recovery mode. He’s still very weak in ICU.

However, they think they have the infection under control, and they’re hoping he can start eating real food tomorrow. He won’t be taking visitors for a while.

I’ll continue to send updates as I receive them.

Friday 5/25 a.m.

Dennis has a much better day yesterday. They have removed the breathing tube and this morning, he is sitting up. He has become “grumpy” and that’s a good sign. You’ve got to start feeling better before you can feel grumpy.

Tuesday 5/22 a.m. – from Debbie Wentrup

Hi all

Just talked to Margie, her daughter Kathy just got in. Suise will come when Kathy leaves, so that is good.

Dennis had a ruff day yesterday. They should have been able to remove the breathing tube yesterday, however, he still isn't able to breath on his own. Apparently he developed a bacterial infection in his lungs, temperature 103, and swollen.

He is better today, swollen has gone down and temp down to 101. The doctors think he will have the breathing tube in for another week, poor Dennis! He can leave ICU until the tube is removed.

Keep on praying for our friend.

Monday 5/21 a.m.

Dennis is still in the I.C.U. at Scottsdale Shea. All his vitals are good, but he’s still having a little difficulty breathing. He remains on oxygen. Considering the magnitude of his surgery, he’s doing well. Margie is doing her best, but it’s tough on her too. I’m sure they will both have our best wishes and support throughout this difficult time.

Saturday Sent 5/19 p.m. by Chris Caruso

Dennis had a successful quintuple bypass surgery. He’s now in post-op care. Doctors expect a lengthy recovery. Keep him in your prayers… Cris

Sent 5/19 a.m. by Chris Caruso

Hello friends, Dennis called from the prep room at Scottsdale North on Shea Blvd. this morning. He wanted to make sure I get his list of players for Wednesday’s golf outing. 🙂 The doctor said he was lucky he got in when he did… 99% blockage in 2 arteries. They’re opening him up for bypass surgery this morning, and might do a triple or quadruple. I’ll forward additional info as I receive it. Be well, Cris Caruso

Author: h. Alton Jones


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