Dave Inman, MGA President, Paroled from Hospital

From Debbie Inman – Monday 6/6/2012

Dave came home yesterday and is doing well, up and walking around as well as trying to do things on the Doctor’s banned list like bending down to pick stuff up.  There was some time on Sunday when we both wondered why he’d done this but now he is pain free (without meds) and feeling like some of his strength has come back so it looks like it was worth it.  He has a lovely neck brace that he has to wear for three weeks and his voice is a little scratchy sounding but otherwise things are pretty good.

From Debbie Inman – Monday 6/4/2012

Just an update, Dave is still in the hospital.  He had to have a hematoma drained near his incision site last night to relieve some pain caused by pressure and inflammation.  With that and some steroids he now seems to be pain free and is moving around pretty good.  Hopefully he’ll be home tomorrow.

From Debbie Inman – Saturday 6/2/2012

Good morning.  Dave had 3 vertebrae, C5-7, fused in his neck yesterday afternoon.  The surgery went well.  He had the surgery because the damage to his vertebrae, which was a combination of preexisting and new from his recent fall, was causing significant weakness in his upper arms, more on the left side than the right.  The doctors said that if didn’t have surgery he would continue to get weaker.  Also he would have to make sure he didn’t fall again and further injure himself which would be hard to totally prevent.  Having the surgery means that he maintains the strength he has now with the possibility that, as he heals, he’ll regain strength.  It also protects him from more severe damage if he were to fall again.  We’re told he’ll be up walking today and probably home by Monday.

Howard mentioned in his post on the website that Dave played golf on Wednesday.  He did and that was when he saw just how much weaker he had become.  He won’t be back playing golf until probably the first of August.  He’s already trying to figure out how to change his swing to get the most out of his game.

Thanks from both of us to everyone for their good thoughts and kind words.

Dave was out swinging a club during the usual Wednesday golf event. He was hoping to get a feel for how well his recovery from his “diving” accident was coming along. He seemed confident and optimistic, but his optimism was short-lived. He is in the hospital today.

This is the email sent today by Debbie Wentrup:

Just got a call from Debbie, they are admitting Dave right now at Osborne. They determined that he is losing muscle capabilities in his arms, at a rapid pace. They are doing pre testing today and will do the surgery tomorrow or Saturday, as soon as they can. They will be fusing 2-3 vertabrea. Not sure how long he will be in the hospital, but he will have his mobility right away. But of course no lifting, golf, etc. for awhile.

Keep him and Deb in Your prayers!

Debbie Wentrup

Author: h. Alton Jones


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