Golf Results and Analysis – Friday June 1st

The weather was warm. We played Arroyo/Lakes from the green tees. For those of you that don’t like the detailed analysis, here are the simple results for Friday’s men’s golf match.

Low Gross:

  • Mike Miller – 75
  • Howard Jones – 79
  • Scott Thompson – 79

Low Net:

  • Steve King – 64
  • Jim Gabriel – 64
  • Tom Hansen – 68

For those of you interested in more detailed statistics, read on.

For the most part, handicaps predicted the scores. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. The average net score was 71.34, a touch under par, but a stroke and a half over the course rating. The easiest hole on the course was #5 Arroyo. It actually played a bit under par with an average score of 4.93. Another non-surprise was that the two toughest holes on the course were #7 and #8 Lakes. #7 played to an average of not much below double-bogey (5.6)! #8 Lakes played at over bogey (4.2).  The next hardest hole was #9 Arroyo where golfers averaged bogey. #2 and #3 Arroyo were the next easiest holes (3.27 and 4.47 respectively).

Some of you may be aware that I have written a program that takes course rating, slope, golfer’s index and score and calculates the odds of someone shooting a particular score. Analyzing the performance of Friday’s field validated the program’s results.  All but two of the participant’s scores fell within the expected range of probabilities. Most performed in the roughly “even-odds” range for their handicaps. The two golfers that truly beat the odds were Steve King who shot an 80 and Jim Gabriel who shot 85.

Editor’s note:

King’s 80 comes as no surprise. He’s golfing a little more and he has too much talent to maintain that 16 handicap for long. He shot 76 Saturday. His handicap is falling faster than a North Korean rocket.  If there’s parimutuel betting in the upcoming Gainey US Open tournament, the team of Steve King and Mike Low might not be a bad bet.

Jim Gabriel’s 85 was a long odds performance, but we all have “good days” and this was one of his. He is also just an inherently lucky guy.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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