Golf Results – Wednesday June 6th

A warm day, but the golfers were hotter. More than 40% of the field fired gross scores in the 70’s Wednesday. Gary Reibman shot his age (75), but was edged out for low gross by Cris Caruso (74) who shot his grandmother’s age. Scott Thompson, Joel Temple, Howard Jones, Ron Rosin, Dave Kopp and Jim Stamatis all posted numbers in the 70’s.

Here are the winners.

Low Gross:

  • Cris Caruso – 74
  • Gary Reibman – 75
  • Scott Thompson – 77

 Low Net:

  • Gary Reibman – 65
  • Brian Laks – 65
  • Jim Stamatis – 66
  • Mike Forde – 66

In the weekly skins game, there were four net skins and four gross skins. Gary Reibman moved up a couple of tax brackets winning two net skins and one gross skin. Other net skin winners were Brian Laks and Jim Stamatis. Gross skins were taken by Reibman, Dave Kopp, Cris Caruso and Howard Jones.

As usual, #7 and #8 Lakes beat the hell out of the field. #7 played at an average of 1.16 strokes over par. #8 Lakes wasn’t far behind playing 1.11 strokes over par. Easiest hole on the course Wednesday was #9 Lakes playing at an average of 5.11 strokes, close to even par. 26.3% of the field birdied the hole.

Statistically speaking . . . seven out of nineteen players posted scores that were notably lower than would be expected given their handicap adjusted probabilities. However, none of them were “unreasonably” outside their probability windows. In the future (assuming there is one), I will “red flag” anyone that shoots a score low enough where the odds are greater than 1000 to 1. It happens; I hope it happens to me. But it could also suggest that the pencil hasn’t been sharpened correctly prior to score postings. If nothing else, it may identify someone worthy of some extra grief in the Member’s Grill.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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