Odd Statistics . . .

Here’s a curious statistic for the week – of the 34 rounds played in the Kildare group, only 82% were posted toward handicaps. Comparing the unposted scores with their related handicaps shows no correlation between the potential impacts on handicap. In other words, if someone “forgot” to post because he didn’t want it to affect his handicap, we had an equal number trying to keep their handicaps lower versus higher. In all probability, 18% of the field either simply forgot to post or they falsely assumed the team “captain” would post the scores.

It may be noteworth that the average age of those who didn’t post was slightly in excess of 70 years. It could simply be a manifestation of impeded memory function. Did I already say that?

Perhaps I can get the club to tell me how much liquor was sold on the course during the round and how much was sold in the Member’s Grill immediately after. It might be interesting to see if booze consumption correlates with the posting efficiency.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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