Kildare Results – June 27th

Rosin ran away from the field Wednesday after (again) shooting his age. Ron carded a gross 72 and a net 63. He finished well in front of the competition both in the gross and net categories. No one else in the field pushed him.

Only one hole on the course played at “over bogey” and it will surprise no one it was #7 Lakes. 45% of the field scored double-bogey or worse on the hole. There were a dozen birdies on the day, one third of which were found on the card of Ron Rosin.

Low Net

  1. Ron Rosin – 63
  2. Ken Vlah – 68
  3. Mike Forde and Jim Gabriel – 70

Low Gross

  1. Ron Rosin – 72
  2. Scott Thompson – 79
  3. Cris Caruso – 81

Votes continue to come in on the “toughest hole” survey (see right margin). It will be interesting to compare the voting with the actual results of the compilation of a couple hundred rounds of golf at Gainey Ranch. I’ll let you know when we reach that milestone; it’s not far away. Cast your vote today.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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