Gainey Hole Profile – #3 Lakes

If anyone says Gainey Ranch Golf Club isn’t one of the most beautiful courses in the Valley, they haven’t played it. I had the pleasure of working the American Junior Golf Association event the last week in June. While waiting for some great young golfers to arrive at my station, I glanced over to #3 Lakes. This is what I saw. Wow!

In the last nearly 100 rounds played by the Kildare group on Wednesdays and Fridays, #3 Lakes has taken few prisoners. Only 2.2% of the attempts have yielded birdies. That’s tougher than every hole on the Arroyo side and equal to the fewest number of birdies on every hole on the Lakes course. The odds of playing it under par are nearly 50 to 1. More than half the attempts have resulted in bogey or worse. 44% have parred the hole.

Next time you’re on the tee and thinking about how easy the hole looks, think again. It’s one of the club’s prettier holes and one of the slyly tough ones. It’s been my experience it’s a fairly easy hole as long as you don’t take too many strokes on it.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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