Wentrup a Top Six Finisher – Kildare Group June 29th

Mike Wentrup’s game wasn’t without flaw Friday, but he still managed a top-six finish in both the gross and net categories. Unfortunately, there were only six players on the card. The approaching holiday weekend, travel plans and the heat kept the field small. The top five players all bettered their handicap with Pat Collins lighting it up with a net 62 (gross 76).

Low Net

  1. Pat Collins – 62
  2. Joel Temple – 68
  3. Don Hourihan and George Stelmach – 69

Low Gross

  1. Pat Collins – 76
  2. Joel Temple – 78
  3. Dan Hourihan – 81

The “slaughter house” hole, #7 Lakes, finally took a day off. For once, it not only wasn’t the toughest hole on the course, it actually played as the third easiest hole of the eighteen. Collins and Temple birdied it and no one scored worse than bogey. Perhaps the pin was somewhere in the middle of the fairway. The hole that extracted the pound of flesh from the field was #3 Lakes (see the profile on this hole posted earlier this week). It allowed no birdies and only one par on the day.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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