Kildare Group – July 6th – The Canadians are Coming!

Canadians conquered Gainey Friday. That’s only supposed to happen in the winter months. Harold Hoeg beat up on the competition by shooting a gross 74 (he couldn’t sink a putt, eh?) and at the same time, winning the net competition with a 67. Marty Howe was right on his heals with a net 68 tying Mike Forde who also fired a net 68.

Low Net

  1. Harold Hoeg – 67
  2. Marty Howe and Mike Forde – 68

Low Gross

  1. Harold Hoeg – 74
  2. Mike Miller – 75
  3. Howard Jones – 80

It’s interesting to note that not only Hoeg and Howe are Canadian born, both Miller and Jones grew up near the Canadian border. It’s all sounding rather conspiratorial, don’t you agree?

The average score was 84 gross and 71.1 net. Were it not for Hoeg and Howe, the field was really quite average Friday. Toughest hole on the course was #9 Arroyo playing at nearly a stroke and a quarter over par. The pin was in front, the easiest position on green. Apparently, the fairway had been placed in a difficult position. I know I had trouble hitting it.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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