Annie’s Song

There are certain events that are rarely, if ever, seen on the golf course. In my lifetime, I’ve had the good fortune of playing roughly three thousand rounds of golf. I’ve actually only seen (thanks to George Stelmach) one hole-in-one. I’ve never witnessed a double-eagle in person. And I’ve yet to see Annie (one of our great cart girls) with anything but a smile on her face. Her beautiful smile has made even our worst days on the course much better than our scores would otherwise permit. I suspect I’ll see the double-eagle before I see Annie’s frown.

This phenomenon became all the more amazing when I learned Annie has an eighteen year old daughter, Angeline, who has been waging an all-out war with bone cancer in her leg. Even for those of us who have experienced the hell of cancer, we can only try and imagine the challenges Angeline and those close to her have undergone. I also know that even with the best of insurance plans, the financial costs of dealing with the “monster” can be overwhelming and devastating.

I felt as if Annie was a part of our family at Gainey Ranch and wanted to do something to help. I wasn’t the only one. Behind the leadership of Marty Howe, Mike Miller, and other members of the Gainey Ranch MGA, everyone pulled together to try and lighten the load financially. To the best of my knowledge, no one was asked to contribute to the cause. However, the thoughtful and caring members of our fine group responded with open hearts and open wallets.

I wasn’t present when Annie was given “the envelope,” however, I understand it was a very moving moment in time. I’m told Annie was touched deeply. I’m certain all of us share the same feelings and hope it helps make her and Angeline’s trials a bit less arduous and contributes to taking a few of the bumps out of the rough road that lies ahead. Even though the contributions were surprisingly generous, I can only say the financial value is small in comparison to the warmth we’ve received from Annie’s ever present smile.

Annie and Angeline have sent the following note of thanks to the wonderful members at Gainey Ranch that expressed their love and concern for them.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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