Friday the 13th – Kildare Group

Friday’s round was more like a reality TV show. Only those who have survived injuries, could tolerate the heat, suffer through the humidity and dodge lightning strikes made it to the 18th green. While the wounded (Inman, Kildare and Woodsy) waited patiently in the Member’s Grill, the real masochists braved the freshly aerated greens and disked fairways. When the dust had settled, only one person in the field shot better than his handicap would suggest. Obviously someone forgot to tell Mike Miller that the course was unconquerable that day. He fired a gross 72 (net 66). Apparently, it takes impossible conditions to motivate Mike. No one else broke net par, let alone gross par.

Low Gross

  1. Mike Miller – 72
  2. Steve King and Howard Jones – 86!

Low Net

  1. Mike Miller – 66
  2. Steve King – 72
  3. Don Fruchtman and Mikw Wentrup – 76

Take away Miller’s outstanding round and the average gross score Friday was 90.4. The misery was evenly distributed on all 18 holes. #16 Lakes dished out the most bruises, but no hole played at par or below. There were only four birdies all day. Miller had two of them.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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