Highlights and Lowlights – July 18th

We got through Friday the 13th relatively unscathed, but the stage was set for a bizarre week. The summer monsoons arrived and gave us some much needed moisture. The course is coming alive. The arroyos are living up to their name. The rains brought temperatures down, but they brought the humidity up. For a brief period, we can’t say, “. . . but it’s a dry heat.”

The Wednesday Kildare group met adversity head-on and adversity came out on top. For the first time, there was no winner. For a while it was questionable if there was to be a survivor. Because of maintenance on the Arroyo nine at Gainey (the Dunes is still closed for rebuilding), some of the regulars thought it would be fun to take in a different course. They picked up some tee-times at Anthem, one of the area’s most respected tracks. But between the possible rains, the heat and humidity, injuries, Irish golfing trips and the long drive involved, only a short list of the die-hards signed up to play. It looked like two threesomes would be all the participants.

The sixth golfer never materialized. The fifth, Matt Anzalone, elected to stay at Gainey to catch up on his chores. Then there were four.

Scott Thompson followed one of the other cars for the drive. Well on the way, Mike Wentrup noticed his rearview mirror had failed and Thompson was nowhere to be seen. They later learned the oil pressure in his Porche had fallen to zero and he fell off to the roadside to begin the repair ritual. Then there were three.

Mike Wentrup, George Stelmach and Joel Temple had braved it all and teed it up at Anthem. As they were clearing the 10th green, one of the golfers on the fairway hit his shot from 150 yards right on the flag. This would have been good had it not been for the fact that Mike Wentrup apparently looked like a flag stick. Mike took a direct hit on the foot and immediately went down. Mike was well enough to provide ample education on golf etiquette and deductive thinking to the offending golfer, but he wasn’t well enough to finish the round. Then there were two.

George and Joel continued on, but the going was tough. Both had occasion to “pick-up” on a couple of holes thereby disqualifying themselves from the finish. Then there were none.

For the first time, no one survived the Kildare group. Therefore, as the person currently in control of the keyboard and the subsequent posting to the web site, I am proud to announce I stayed at Gainey, played the Lakes nine twice and shot 79 with an eagle and birdie on #9 Lakes. I hereby declare myself the winner and ask that everyone send or deliver their twenty dollar fees to me. Note also that I won 18 skins because the other scorecards disappeared.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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