Wednesday the 25th of July – Kildare results

Some surprise performances Wednesday as Joel Temple took low gross (no surprise there) with a 76 and Jim Stamatis and Brian Laks tied for second place in the low gross category with 78. Laks ran away from the field in the net division with a 63. Jim Stamatis finished second three shots back with a 66. Joel Temple and Jim Gabriel tied for third place with 67.

The air was heavy and the ball wasn’t traveling as far as it normally does. Golfers were hitting an extra club in many cases. The greens were furry and slow, but scores seemed to fall into the “normal” range for the most part.


  1. Joel Temple – 76
  2. Brian Lakes and Jim Stamatis – 78


  1. Brian Laks – 63
  2. Jim Stamatis – 66
  3. Jim Gabriel and Joel Temple – 67

The “Jones Golf Scores” computer program is coming along very well. Among the things it does, it evaluates each individual’s performance and based upon the course rating, slope, the golfer’s index and the gross score, it determines the “probability” of the person shooting the round. The number is calculated based upon a statistical analysis of tens of thousands of golf rounds around the nation. The performance of Brian Laks today was an outstanding one and the program put it at a 287-to-1 shot. To describe his round less mathematically and more philosophically, “When you’re hot, you’re hot.” Laks was hot.

The winners in the skins contest were Raoul Encinas (2), Jim Gabriel (2) Tom Hansen (1), Skyler Irvine (1), Jim Stamatis (1) and George Stelmach (1). There were 13 birdies on the day, 110 pars, 109 bogies, 37 double-bogies and 1 “other”. #4 Arroyo was toughest on the field and #8 Lakes not far behind. Average score on the day – 83.5.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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