Wednesday August 1st – Kildare Group

There was a good turnout Wednesday the 1st of August and there was some good golf. Joel Temple continued his assault on Gainey Ranch with another low gross win. He fired a gross 74 (net 65) to beat Scott Thompson by three strokes. Raoul Encinas took low net with a 64. Ron Dobkin and Joel Temple were right on his heels with 65.

Low Gross

  1. Joel Temple – 74
  2. Scott Thompson – 77
  3. Raoul Encinas and Ron Dobkin – 80

Low Net

  1. Raoul Encinas – 64
  2. Joel Temple and Ron Dobkin – 65

Seven net skins were split between Temple, Encinas, Howard Jones, Jim Gabriel, Dan Hourihan, Tom Hansen and Skyler Irvine. It’s interesting that four of the seven net skins went to four of the bottom five gross scores for the day – proof that it pays to not throw in the towel no matter how rough the round is going. Five gross skins were paid, two to Scott Thompson and one each to Howard Jones, Tom Hansen and Raoul Encinas.

Toughest hole on the course was again #7 Lakes playing at over bogey for the field. There were 14 birdies on the day, but the average score was still slightly over 83.

In the “what-if” department, if everyone in the field had agreed to play a round-robin dollar Nassau where everyone had a one dollar Nassau bet with each of the other players, the big winners on the day would have been . . .

  1. Ron Dobkin – $35
  2. Joel Temple – $34
  3. Raoul Encinas – $32
  4. Jim Gabriel – $28
  5. Marty Howe – $20

It’s an interesting game and may be worth considering.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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