Tough Day for Kildare Group – Friday, August 10th

The dog days of summer are upon us and scores seem to be reflecting the heat. Average score was high again at 88.8. This was still 20° less than the temperature on the course. Howard Jones and Harold Hoeg were the owners of the course on this day. Both shot 77 to share low gross honors. Jones edged out Hoeg by one stroke (68) for the low net spot. The course played so tough that one golfer (who shall remain unnamed) chased the temperature into the triple digits.

Low Net

1. Howard Jones – 68

2. Harold Hoeg – 69

3. Ken Vlah and Skyler Irvine – 72

Low Gross

1. Howard Jones and Harold Hoeg – 77

3. Scott Thompson – 86

Jones, Vlah and Steve King ran away with the team victory. Jones and Irvine each garnered two net skins while Ken Vlah and Richard Martin grabbed one a piece.

Birdies were rare with the field averaging only one every 27 holes. The Arroyo course played almost two strokes more difficult than the Lakes course. The Lakes greens were soft and balls were staying close to where they landed. Although there were only three birdies on the day, there were 13 triple-bogies (or worse). It was a great day for the true masochists in the group. The easiest hole Friday . . . the 19th. The beer was cold and the air conditioning was working well.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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