Kildare Group’s Criminal Element – Wednesday, August 15th

Alright, throw down the box! In the grand tradition of the Wild West, Dave Kopp held up the field at Grayhawk Wednesday. Like Jesse James, Billy the Kid and others of his ilk, Kopp rode off with nearly all the money shooting a 77 to take low gross and winning one net skin and four out of six gross skins. Kopp won so much money, course officials wouldn’t let him take it to his car without an escort.

But the question arises, “Who was the real bandit?” Was it Kopp for pistol whipping the competition? Hardly. The real culprits were Bruce Partridge, Jim Stamatis, Pat Collins and Mike Wentrup. These are the guys that timidly avoided entry into the gross skins pot. For the paltry sum of $20, they hide behind their empty scorecards. But when the numbers had been filled in, Kopp was smiling and the non-participants were chagrined.

If Partridge, Stamatis, Collins and Wentrup would have shared the same levels of bravery as golfers like Richard Martin and Jim Gabriel, Partridge would have won a gross skin. Collins would have won a gross skin. Wentrup would have won a gross skin. Jim Stamatis would have won three gross skins. And Kopp would have been borrowing cab-fair to get home.

Low Gross

  1. Dave Kopp – 77
  2. Pat Collins – 82
  3. Jim Stamatis – 83

Low Net

  1. Pat Collins – 68
  2. Dave Kopp – 70
  3. Jim Stamatis – 71

Grayhawk plays tough. The average score was just shy of 90! More than 25% of the holes were played at double-bogey or worse. The course slaughtered most golfers. So what’s the group going to do? Play it again next Wednesday. That’s like marrying your ex-wife after she’s released from prison for carving you up with a butcher knife. For my money (which Kopp now has), they ruined a hellava nuclear test sight when they built Grayhawk.

Author: h. Alton Jones


3 thoughts on “Kildare Group’s Criminal Element – Wednesday, August 15th”

  1. You guy are too funny as this is like reading a comic book and that Stimatis, Wentrup, Partridge and Collins backed away from a $20 investment is downright ……………well I need say no more but you deserve what you got ………….empty pockets. Bravo Kopp!!!!!!!!!!


  2. So let me get this straight. Gabriel & Martin are brave since they donated $20 bucks, but Wentrup, Partridge & Collins are not since their $20 would have netted them a $8.00 loss each? I checked the Thesaurus and FOOL in not a synonym for brave. Does the author also sell snake oil?


  3. Bravery is a subjective term, but yes. Gabriel and Martin were courageous. Snake oil? How many do you want? You get 10% off when you buy six at a time. If the four slackers would have been in the pot, they would have taken $105 of the $140 pot. Stamatis alone would have earned 163% on his investment and that’s not annualized. The annualized rate of return would have been 11,250%. Such a deal!


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