Live from Barton Creek

Well we made it to Austin and the Acura ClubCorp Team Championship. There have been a few hiccups along the way. As many of you know, Don’s mom is very ill and he wasn’t able to make the trip. We’ll pray for him and his family as they deal with these difficult times.

Our new addition, Traci Tope, willingly accepted the task of filling in for Don. She is a wonderful addition to our team. And fortunately for us, Mike told Traci what happens in Austin stays in Austin….I’ll leave the rest to your imaginations. So our team is made up of Steve “Army” King, Dave Inman, Jim Stamatis, Traci Tope, and Matt Anzalone.

Also Dave is still searching for his luggage that went missing last night. The bag had everything: clothes, golf shoes, golf balls, range finder, deodorant, toothbrush, etc. Its been 24 hours and nothing. Thank goodness, the participant gifts included clothes, golf balls and golf shoes. The underwear was a problem. I’m told that he may be enlisting in the army….as he needed to go commando (I know too much information and that could have stayed in Austin).

There have been a few complaints from some of the teams about the weather; 100 degrees and very little humidity. Really! Obviously the complainers aren’t from the AZ. It is perfect weather for golf.

Our practice round was fun. We were able to get a feel for one of the courses and I learned that the team really needs a caddy. Based on my play off the tees, in the fairways, and on the greens…..left/right/left (thus the nickname “Army”)….my team may be best served with me using the range finder and pulling the pin.

We hope we can make Gainey proud…or least not embarrassed by our play. Wish us luck…

Steve “Army” King….team mascot and caddy.


Author: h. Alton Jones


One thought on “Live from Barton Creek”

  1. We’re delighted to get your update from the foreign country you’re currently visiting. We’re hoping you represent us well. With that in mind, please keep Dave strapped in bed. An 8.5 on an inward two-and-a-half is great, but won’t bring home the cup. Go Gainey!


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