Live from Barton Creek – Day 1

Travis LakeThe first 18 are in the books.  There isn’t much to say other than…damn those guys from Texas are good.  One of the Houston teams turned in a 55….that’s right “Five Five”

I think those boys are juicing.  They weren’t the only ones firing in the fifties.  There were another 8-10 teams under 60.  The good news; we didn’t bet any of those teams.  However, the bad news – we lost on all of our other 8 bets.  Ugh!

We were left with nothing else to do but have beverages….many many beverages.  So we headed to Travis Lake for the view.  We decided, that if the wheels start to come off, 9:15 isn’t too early to drink.

On Dave’s lost luggage – nothing after 48 hours.  He was discharged from the army; the hotel was able to get him some new tighty whities.

Steve “Army” King….team mascot and caddy

Author: h. Alton Jones


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