Live from Barton Creek – Day 2

Well another day is in the books. Team Gainey improved significantly. One lipped out putt away from 59. Our 12 under left us in the top 1/3 on the Fazio Foothills course. The best scores were in the mid-fifties …. again. The low score today was 56 with a large number of teams shooting 60 or better.

Our pro, Matt, took charge today leading and orchestrating our play. I think he is feeling better about Team Gainey. Rumor has it the 60 shot today is a Gainey record for this tourney. I’m sure past participants, including Murph and Murph, will be checking the record books.

Traci Tope has played fantastic!  She gave us a huge advantage off the tee and on the greens.  She is very steady and reliable.  Dave made a strong come back today hitting some of the most amazing approach shots, allowing us to have relatively short birdie putts. Jim pounded the ball down the middle of the fairway; as always. Matt gave us legitimate eagle attempts on all the par 5s. We didn’t get any of them, but had tap in birdies in each case.

As for me, I corrected the left/right/left 5 holes into the round today. It was suggested I do some relaxation exercise to improve my tempo and the quality of my game (I was spraying it everywhere). You know taking a deep breath and exhaling before the swing. After that didn’t work; I tried another exercise; swigging down a double Tanqueray and tonic after the 4th hole. Wow, what a difference. It gives me a new appreciation for my friend Marty.

This was a true team effort.

Steve “Tanqueray” King  ….. team mascot and caddy

Author: h. Alton Jones


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