The Hardy Boys at Gainey Ranch – Kildare, September 7th

There was lots of water on the course and the skies threatened to bring more. Some of Friday’s golfers ran from the adversity as if they were being sought by the teenage girl’s shotgun laden father. Only the hardy boys of Gainey Ranch played. The last place you wanted to be on Gainey was one of the water filled arroyos at least not without a personal floatation device. Enough of those who had signed up abandoned ship that the planned game also had to be abandoned. The entire pot was redirected into the net skins game.

There were familiar names at the top of the gross score game; Mike Miller won again with a water-logged 76. Howard Jones was two strokes back at 78. The big surprise came when a relatively new member, Richard Martin, broke through to win the low net honors with a 66.

Low Net

  1. Richard Martin – 66
  2. Howard Jones – 69
  3. Dennis Kildare and Mike Miller – 71

Low Gross

  1. Mike Miller – 76
  2. Howard Jones – 78
  3. George Stelmach – 85

Complete results.

Judging from the average score, 88+, the wet course didn’t help most of the field. There wasn’t much roll and some of the golfers (like Bruce Partridge) were concerned that the wet conditions could soil their designer golf shoes and knickers. There were only eight birdies carded on the day. Miller and Jones accounted for half of those while Mike Wentrup, Pat Collins, Tom Hansen and Don Fruchtman got the rest.

Skins winners were Richard Martin (2), George Stelmach, Mike Wentrup, Skyler Irvine, Don Fruchtman and Jones.

Rain is forecast for the next four days. If you’re playing golf, bring your mukluks.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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