Live from Barton Creek – Recap

I must admit I thought we might have a chance when the tourney started. Our team was talented and determined. Matt thought 8-10 under each day would put us in the hunt. We shot 26 under for the 3 days…which is a very respectable score. And only 4 off the target number and a 3 day total of 189.

Well, 10 under each day wasn’t the number and far from it. The top two teams finished tied at 173 or 42 under for the three days. The two teams had a 3 hole playoff for first. The winner went – eagle, birdie, and birdie – to win. The runner up – birdie, birdie,  and birdie. Both teams were from Texas and featured a woman pro or a woman scratch golfer. I’m still convinced they are juicing. There was a 4 way tie for third at 174….tough, tough competition.

I feel fortunate to have been a part of Team Gainey.  And that alone, made me feel like a winner.

Some takeaways  …….

  • This is great event and experience – prior attendees try very hard to get back to the event through local club qualifiers.  Some clubs have as many as 60 teams vying for  spots in the event.   I completely understand why.  This is one of the best golf experiences of my life.
  • Barton Creek Resort and Spa is a fabulous place and the golf is first rate.  We are fortunate to have Barton Creek in the ClubCorp/KSL family.  I would highly recommend a visit.
  • Austin is a gem of a city.  This was my first visit and it is on my short list of places to revisit soon.
  • Matt is a great pro and we are blessed to have him.  Many of you know his parents, Barbara and Gary, and he didn’t fall very far from the tree.  The Anzalones are wonderful people and members.   It was a great experience spending time with him.
  • Team Gainey:  I want to thank Dave, Jim, Matt, and Traci for making this an incredibly memorable and enjoyable golf experience.  I love you guys and gal!

Steve “Tanqueray” King

Footnote:  They found Dave’s bag after he left the hotel Sunday morning.  It was in a guy’s room for 4 days and he didn’t say anything about it being there.  He was going to leave it in the room when he checked out, until the bellman inquired about the bag.  It was safely returned to him on Sunday afternoon.  Whew!

Author: h. Alton Jones


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