The Boston Strangler and the Temple of Doom

Joel Temple played his last round of golf Wednesday – at least for a couple of months. Foot surgery will keep him on the sidelines. This means others will have a chance at winning low gross. Joel started his round with par-bogey-bogey, but played the next 15 holes in two under par to card a 72 and win low gross honors by five strokes. I’ve seen it before. When Joel gets hot, it’s a scorched earth policy. His net 63 was almost unbeatable, but not quite. Bruce Partridge forgot he was a 19 handicap and fired an even par 36 on the Lakes course and posted a net 62 for the day. There will be a clinic next week on how to tie knots for nooses. Enrollment is expected to be high.

Low Gross

  1. Joel Temple – 72
  2. Jason Sample – 77
  3. Chris Caruso – 79

Low Net

  1. Bruce Partridge – 62
  2. Joel Temple – 63
  3. Jason Sample, George Stelmach and Ken Vlah – 68

Complete Wednesday results.

There were four net skins on the day, one each to Steve Danovic, Jim Woods, Jim Stamatis and Ken Vlah. There were also only four gross skin winners, Jim Stamatis, Ron Rosin, Joel Temple and Cris Caruso. In the team event, four of the six teams were grouped within two strokes of each other clustered in second through fifth place. Sixth place wasn’t far behind. Temple, Partridge, Vlah and Dan Hourihan slaughtered the field beating the second place team by 16 strokes.

Friday’s match was punctuated by the rise of our guy from Boston, Dan Hourihan. He put a strangle-hold on the competition winning low net honors by four strokes over second place finisher, Skyler Irvine. Low gross honors we shared by Dave Kopp and Mike Miller. Hourihan finished in third place.

Low Net

  1. Dan Hourihan – 66
  2. Skyler Irvine and Dave Kopp – 70

Low Gross

  1. Mike Miller and Dave Kopp – 77
  2. Dan Hourihan – 80

Complete results.

The wind kicked up Friday with gusts of nearly 30 miles per hour. It made club selection very challenging. This becomes obvious when you learn only 15% of the field scored below net par. Average score on the day was nearly 90!

Team winners were Mike Miller, Howard Jones, Dan Hourihan and Skyler Irvine winning by six shots over the second place team. Net skins were rather lucrative with only four being awarded, one each to Pat Collins and Howard Jones. Dan Hourihan claimed the other two. There were five gross skins. Mike Miller and Dave Kopp won one each while Howard Jones escaped with the other three. He didn’t do much right on the course Friday, but he timed his few good shots quite well.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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