Kildare Group – Friday the 28th

Friday’s golf group found Mike Miller on top of the gross score heap again with a 78. Howard Jones was one stroke back while Mike Wentrup and Dave Inman tied for third. Dennis Kildare took home the net honors with a 65. Laurence Rosen and Mike Wentrup tied for second place. Team honors went to the foursome of Bruce Partridge, Pat Collins, Don Coolidge and Ken Vlah. Mike Miller, Mike Forde, Dennis Kildare and Laurence Rosen tied the team of Mike Wentrup, Howard Jones, Brian Laks and Don Fruchtman for second place, but won on a scorecard playoff on the 18th hole.

Low Gross

  1. Mike Miller – 78
  2. Howard Jones – 79
  3. Mike Wentrup and Dave Inman – 82

Low Net

  1. Dennis Kildare – 65
  2. Laurence Rosen and Mike Wentrup – 68

View complete results.

Net skins went to Skyler Irvine (2), Tom Hansen, Laurence Rosen, Dennis Kildare, Jim Woods and Howard Jones (with a gross eagle on a hole with no strokes).

Notably absent from the field were all of the members of Wednesday’s winning team. Apparently, they’re in hiding or exile somewhere. The rumor mill has it that . . . Kopp is in Mexico fighting extradition. Martin has undergone plastic surgery and taken on a new identity. Thompson was seen in the desert digging a hole in which he plans on hiding his winnings. And Gabriel was actually at the club disguised as a mini-skirt clad woman. It was reported he was hit upon and last seen leaving the Member’s Grill, arm-in-arm, with Dale Fitzhenry.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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