Wiener Dog Alert – Kildare Group October 3rd

Sandy Wiener was our predator of the day Wednesday, always lurking in the shadows, only emerging when the stakes are high enough. The Wiener of Gainey Ranch swooped down upon the field snatching most of the money that was to be had by firing a gross 75. Hiding behind his 13 handicap, Sandy ran with two out of three gross skins and one of the seven net skins. He capped his performance with a net one, that’s right, one on the second hardest hole on the Arroyo nine, #8.

Sandy left a few bones and table scraps for the rest of the field. The other net skins were taken by Steve King, Ken Vlah (2), Jim Woods, Jim Gabriel and Ron Dobkin. The other gross skin was won by Steve King. Ron Dobkin and Ken Vlah won the team game with a net 56. They were followed by Mike Forde and Sandy Wiener. The Jones/Partridge and Inman/Martin teams finished third and fourth respectively.

Low Gross

  1. Sandy Wiener – 75
  2. Dave Inman – 77
  3. Howard Jones – 78

Low Net

  1. Sandy Wiener and Ken Vlah – 62
  2. Richard Martin – 66

View complete results.

This was the first week the renovated Dunes course was opened to the group. The course looks wonderful, but it was cart-path only because it’s still a bit tender. They couldn’t cut the greens and fairways too close so greens were slow and fairways gave up little roll. But it’s not far from top notch.

Of the nine birdies yielded by the course, seven came on the Arroyo nine. Wiener’s eagle came on the Arroyo side and was the third eagle carded by members of the group in the past couple of weeks. Dunes is playing a bit stingy.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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