Wentrup Rocks – Friday Golf Results

Mike Wentrup fired a net 66 and just edged Laurence Rosen to win low net in Friday’s matchup on the Dunes/Arroyo course combo. The picture shows Mike at his night job working as a rock star. Howard Jones and Jim Stamatis were again bride’s maids, finishing third in the net category.

Low gross honors went to Mike Miller with a 76. Scott Thompson was on his heals with a 77. Wentrup, Jones and Stamatis vied for the third place bouquet, each shooting a 79. Jones’ round was an exceptionally “consistent” round. After opening with a 44 (including four double-bogeys), he finished with a 35. At his age, it takes a while to get loosened up.

Low Net

  1. Mike Wentrup – 66
  2. Laurence Rosen – 67
  3. Jim Stamatis and Howard Jones – 68

Low Gross

  1. Mike Miller – 76
  2. Scott Thompson – 77
  3. Jim Stamatis, Howard Jones and Mike Wentrup – 79

View complete results.

Skins money was sparse with only four net skins and five gross skins handed out. Net skins went to Jones, Wentrup, Thompson and Tom Hansen. Gross skins were shared between Jones, Wentrup, Thompson, Stamatis and Hansen.

In the team game, Stamatis, Hansen, Woodsey and Dan Hourihan took first place. Second place went to Jones, Wentrup, Rosen and Sam McConkey. Pat Collins, Jay Yourk, Don Fruchtman and Bruce Partridge came in third.

The average score was 87.3 with the Dunes playing a full stroke easier than the Arroyo side. Nine of eleven birdies came on the Dunes nine. Four of those came on the par five sixth hole.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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