Monday – October 15th

It was like playing golf on a freshly installed carpet. Both the Lakes course and the Dunes course were in plush, green and luxurious condition. Monday’s golfers took advantage of the splendor with more than 80% of the field shooting below net par. Sandy Wiener and his guest, former member Mel Shadowens, posted net 66 while Howard Garr and George Stelmach finished one stroke back with net 67.

Sandy Wiener took low gross honors with a 78. Howard Jones was a stroke back in second place while Gary Reibman finished third two strokes behind Wiener.

Low Gross

  1. Sandy Wiener – 78
  2. Howard Jones – 79
  3. Gary Reibman – 80

Low Net

  1. San Wiener and Mel Shadowens – 66
  2. Howard Garr and George Stelmach – 67

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The group game was a Modified Stableford. Mel Shadowens fleeced the field with 15 points and a $60 purse. George Stelmach and Sandy Wiener tied for second place. In the optional round-robin Nassau, Stelmach and Wiener were the big winners. This week’s “Sponsor’s Trophy” went to Steve King. The field thanks him for his generous contribution. Bruce Partridge gets an “honorable mention” for falling only one dollar behind King.

Author: h. Alton Jones


2 thoughts on “Monday – October 15th”

  1. Programmer’s note:

    The performance of the aforementioned group of golfers prompted enough concern to the programming department that, all scores were reviewed and analyzed for possible discrepancies and errors. After a lengthy and scrutinous review, it was concluded everything was flawlessly correct. A survey of the copious photographs on file showing the swing mechanics of the aggrieved group led to the conclusion that their scores could have and probably should have been much worse.

    One of nature’s fortuitous symmetries came to pass with Monday’s round. It seems ironic, but fitting that a Wiener was the winner while whiners wallowed at the bottom. Oh sweet fortune, how justice prevails.


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