All Hail King George

Since the creation of the golf management software we use to track and manage our competitions, no one had ever broken the 1,000-to-1 score probability barrier in a “postable” round of golf. George Stelmach has finally done it. He was as steady as a rock in shooting a great round of 74 (net 60) with his 14 handicap. His consistency was so amazing that he was without a single gross or net skin in the competition. He posted 14 pars along with a birdie and three bogeys. Scott Thompson and Cris Caruso also posted fine 74s, but their combined handicaps were still three strokes shy of Stelmach’s 14. All hail.

King George took home low net honors as well with Bruce Partridge falling one stroke back.

Low Gross

  1. George Stelmach, Scott Thompson and Cris Caruso – 74

Low Net

  1. George Stelmach – 60
  2. Bruce Partridge – 61
  3. Dave Inman, Laurence Rosen and Ken Vlah – 66

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The team of Stelmach, Laurence Rosen, Dennis Kildare and (blind draw) Gary Anzalone took first place in the team game with a score of 120. Partridge, Howard Garr, Caruso and Mike Forde took second place with a 121. The third place team came from the remaining groups of mere mortals. Jim Stamatis, Ken Vlah, Steve King and Vinny Sollitto were nine strokes out of first with a 129.

Net skins went to Gary Anzalone (2), Bruce Partridge (2), Cris Caruso and Ken Vlah. Gross skin were split evening between Scott Thompson, Cris Caruso and Gary Anzalone. Average gross score on the Lakes/Dunes course was just over 84.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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