Men’s Day #1 – October 24th

Wednesday saw the first official “Men’s Day” at the club. There was a fine turnout on a near perfect day for golf. In that the club manages the overall scores, I can’t report on them this week. I have contacted Adam and asked if he can provide me with the overall results so I can post them in this forum.

The Kildare Group – as always – played within the Men’s Day group. Low gross honors went to Ed Nafus with a 77. Low net honors went to Ken Vlah eight strokes below his handicap for a net 67. The competition was stiff with the Kildare Group having a full complement of 24 golfers.

Low Gross

  1. Ed Nafus – 77
  2. Joel Temple – 77
  3. Dave Kopp – 78

Low Net

  1. Ken Vlah – 64
  2. Jim Gabriel – 65
  3. Pat Collins – 66

View complete results.

The course played at an average score of 84.75 with a total of 16 birdies. The toughest hole – as almost always – was #7 Lakes with an average score of slightly over bogey.

One of our regulars came off the injured reserve list and another went on to it. Joel Temple played his first round since early September when he underwent foot surgery. Based upon his score (77), his recovery is progressing extremely well.

Cris Caruso will be out for a while with a damaged ACL in his knee. Those of us that have enjoyed that injury know two things: (1) it doesn’t feel very good, but (2) with a little effort, you can come back fairly quickly and as strong as ever. We look forward to seeing Cris on the course in the near future.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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