All Hail King George

Since the creation of the golf management software we use to track and manage our competitions, no one had ever broken the 1,000-to-1 score probability barrier in a “postable” round of golf. George Stelmach has finally done it. He was as steady as a rock in shooting a great round of 74 (net 60) with his 14 handicap. His consistency was so amazing that he was without a single gross or net skin in the competition. He posted 14 pars along with a birdie and three bogeys. Scott Thompson and Cris Caruso also posted fine 74s, but their combined handicaps were still three strokes shy of Stelmach’s 14. All hail.

King George took home low net honors as well with Bruce Partridge falling one stroke back.

Low Gross

  1. George Stelmach, Scott Thompson and Cris Caruso – 74

Low Net

  1. George Stelmach – 60
  2. Bruce Partridge – 61
  3. Dave Inman, Laurence Rosen and Ken Vlah – 66

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The team of Stelmach, Laurence Rosen, Dennis Kildare and (blind draw) Gary Anzalone took first place in the team game with a score of 120. Partridge, Howard Garr, Caruso and Mike Forde took second place with a 121. The third place team came from the remaining groups of mere mortals. Jim Stamatis, Ken Vlah, Steve King and Vinny Sollitto were nine strokes out of first with a 129.

Net skins went to Gary Anzalone (2), Bruce Partridge (2), Cris Caruso and Ken Vlah. Gross skin were split evening between Scott Thompson, Cris Caruso and Gary Anzalone. Average gross score on the Lakes/Dunes course was just over 84.

Monday – October 15th

It was like playing golf on a freshly installed carpet. Both the Lakes course and the Dunes course were in plush, green and luxurious condition. Monday’s golfers took advantage of the splendor with more than 80% of the field shooting below net par. Sandy Wiener and his guest, former member Mel Shadowens, posted net 66 while Howard Garr and George Stelmach finished one stroke back with net 67.

Sandy Wiener took low gross honors with a 78. Howard Jones was a stroke back in second place while Gary Reibman finished third two strokes behind Wiener.

Low Gross

  1. Sandy Wiener – 78
  2. Howard Jones – 79
  3. Gary Reibman – 80

Low Net

  1. San Wiener and Mel Shadowens – 66
  2. Howard Garr and George Stelmach – 67

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The group game was a Modified Stableford. Mel Shadowens fleeced the field with 15 points and a $60 purse. George Stelmach and Sandy Wiener tied for second place. In the optional round-robin Nassau, Stelmach and Wiener were the big winners. This week’s “Sponsor’s Trophy” went to Steve King. The field thanks him for his generous contribution. Bruce Partridge gets an “honorable mention” for falling only one dollar behind King.

Gainey Profile – #4 Dunes

You must admit, we’re fortunate to have a course that offers such beauty in the middle of the desert. Obviously, Gainey Ranch isn’t as tough of Pebble Beach or Medinah or the other courses of that class; we wouldn’t want it to be. After all, the suicide rate is high enough without having to stare over the precipice of #8 Pebble Beach every day (although I used to do that and I’m still alive).

Here’s a glance at our #4 Dunes. It’s a great hole. From the tips, it’s just shy of 200 yards and has more sand than the Sahara desert. It can challenge the best golfers. I had the good fortune of being present and watching as George Stelmach’s ball floated upward from the tee box and made its way directly into the bottom of the hole for an ace. I’ve also seen and experienced more than enough double-bogeys on the hole to last a lifetime. But no matter how you slice it, #4 Dunes is a scenic hole.

October 8th – the Week in Review

The golf week at Gainey Ranch began with the Monday round-robin. For some inexplicable reason, the course played tough for everyone. The lowest net score was Dan Hourihan’s 70. Woodsy (Jim Woods) shot 71. No one else in the field shot his handicap. The week’s winner of the “Sponsor’s Trophy” shot a net 85. Congratulations to Nick De Santis. The computer program that calculates the odds of shooting a particular score looked confused. The scores turned in by every single golfer were below even odds. In other words, in the final analysis, it was Gainey Ranch 1 – golfers 0.

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Wednesday found the field exacting its revenge on the course. Dave Inman fired a gross 73. Jason Sample fell into second with a 74 while Howard Jones grabbed third place with a 75. The low net winner was Jim Gabriel with 62. Mike Forde, Bruce Partridge and Sandy Wiener fell a stroke back at 63. If these scores sound a little “too good to be true”, never mind that the first nine holes were played as a “shamble” where everyone got to hit a drive and the players finish the hole from the point of the best of the four drives.

Low Gross

  1. Dave Inman – 72
  2. Jason Sample – 74
  3. Howard Jones – 75

Low Net

  1. Jim Gabriel – 62
  2. Mike Forde, Bruce Partridge and Sandy Wiener – 63

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In the team game, Jim Gabriel, Howard Garr, Dennis Kildare and Dave Inman ran away from the field putting seven strokes between them and the second place team.

Friday’s game found the course back on top of the golfers. A small group led by Laurence Rosen had the upper hand. Rosen shot a net 64 taking low net honors and two of the five net skins paid out. Sandy Wiener posted a net 67 for second place. Jim Stamatis and Rick Brown tied for third with 69. Brown also won low gross honors.

Low Gross

  1. Rick Brown – 76
  2. Sandy Wiener, Jim Stamatis and Gary Anzalone – 80

Low Net

  1. Laurence Rosen – 64
  2. Sandy Wiener – 67
  3. Jim Stamatis and Rick Brown – 69

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Despite Brown’s fine performance, he was blanked on net and gross skins. In addition to Rosen’s two of net skins, Steve King, Jim Stamatis and Don Fruchtman each left with one. King, Stamatis and Gary Anzalone took home the gross skins. The team of Anzalone, Garr, Stamatis and Rosen ran away from the field in the group game. That shouldn’t be a surprise in view of the fact that one or more of their names showed up on nearly every line of the individual winners list.

Wentrup Rocks – Friday Golf Results

Mike Wentrup fired a net 66 and just edged Laurence Rosen to win low net in Friday’s matchup on the Dunes/Arroyo course combo. The picture shows Mike at his night job working as a rock star. Howard Jones and Jim Stamatis were again bride’s maids, finishing third in the net category.

Low gross honors went to Mike Miller with a 76. Scott Thompson was on his heals with a 77. Wentrup, Jones and Stamatis vied for the third place bouquet, each shooting a 79. Jones’ round was an exceptionally “consistent” round. After opening with a 44 (including four double-bogeys), he finished with a 35. At his age, it takes a while to get loosened up.

Low Net

  1. Mike Wentrup – 66
  2. Laurence Rosen – 67
  3. Jim Stamatis and Howard Jones – 68

Low Gross

  1. Mike Miller – 76
  2. Scott Thompson – 77
  3. Jim Stamatis, Howard Jones and Mike Wentrup – 79

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Skins money was sparse with only four net skins and five gross skins handed out. Net skins went to Jones, Wentrup, Thompson and Tom Hansen. Gross skins were shared between Jones, Wentrup, Thompson, Stamatis and Hansen.

In the team game, Stamatis, Hansen, Woodsey and Dan Hourihan took first place. Second place went to Jones, Wentrup, Rosen and Sam McConkey. Pat Collins, Jay Yourk, Don Fruchtman and Bruce Partridge came in third.

The average score was 87.3 with the Dunes playing a full stroke easier than the Arroyo side. Nine of eleven birdies came on the Dunes nine. Four of those came on the par five sixth hole.

Wiener Dog Alert – Kildare Group October 3rd

Sandy Wiener was our predator of the day Wednesday, always lurking in the shadows, only emerging when the stakes are high enough. The Wiener of Gainey Ranch swooped down upon the field snatching most of the money that was to be had by firing a gross 75. Hiding behind his 13 handicap, Sandy ran with two out of three gross skins and one of the seven net skins. He capped his performance with a net one, that’s right, one on the second hardest hole on the Arroyo nine, #8.

Sandy left a few bones and table scraps for the rest of the field. The other net skins were taken by Steve King, Ken Vlah (2), Jim Woods, Jim Gabriel and Ron Dobkin. The other gross skin was won by Steve King. Ron Dobkin and Ken Vlah won the team game with a net 56. They were followed by Mike Forde and Sandy Wiener. The Jones/Partridge and Inman/Martin teams finished third and fourth respectively. Continue reading “Wiener Dog Alert – Kildare Group October 3rd”