Kopp Konquers the Kourse – Friday, November 2nd

Scottsdale temperatures may have cooled, but the golf clubs at Gainey Ranch were as hot as ever. Dave Kopp stalked the Arroyo/Lakes courses shooting an extremely steady 72 (net 64) to take low gross and low net honors. Dave surrounded two birdies and two bogeys with fourteen pars in route to victory. Mike Miller finished second with a 74 (net 68) and Gary Anzalone brought home third place with a 78 (net 70).

Bruce Partridge finished second in the net division with a 67 and Dennis Kildare and Mike Miller tied for third. The team game was one of Dennis Kildare’s more interesting ideas. Two man teams counted both net balls. The catch was that teams were not assigned until the match had been completed. The game computer created the teams in a completely random manner in the blink of an eye. First place went to Dan Hourihan and Mike Miller with a 137. Dave Kopp and Dave Inman grabbed second place at 138. Howard Jones and Jim Speck hung on for third with 141.

Low Gross

  1. Dave Kopp – 72
  2. Mike Miller – 74
  3. Gary Anzalone – 78

Low Net

  1. Dave Kopp – 64
  2. Bruce Partridge – 67
  3. Dennis Kildare and Mike Miller – 68

View complete results.

The real money was made with the net skins Friday. Despite the fact there was a full field, only two net skins were won. Ed Nafus had a natural eagle for a net two on the par five #9 Lakes. The only other net skin was with a net birdie on #2 Lakes. Dennis Kildare and Ed Nafus split $240. Scott Thompson was under the weather and didn’t play so there was no gross skins game. Once again my luck runs strong; I would have won two out of six of the gross skins. Mike Miller would have won two. Ed Nafus and Jay Yourk would have won one each.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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