Big Brother is Golfing

With human nature being what it is, everyone forgets to post a score from time-to-time. With a periodic lapse of memory, no one can be accused of malice or deceit. However, these lapses should tend to follow the fundamental laws of statistics. Scores above a handicap shouldn’t have a higher probability of being posted than those substantially below.

The computer program we’ve been using to record and analyze scores, calculate match results, skins, etc. continues to evolve into an increasingly powerful tool. It now has the capability to match scores with those recorded via the GHIN system for handicap calculations.

The program has been endowed with a set of statistical triggers that suggest postings may not be as reliable as they should be. It then compares postings made in the GHIN system to those recorded through the MGA. If there is a statistically significant difference in those scores, you may have scores posted in your behalf through the GHIN system and your official handicap will reflect those postings.

If you discover your handicap has changed unexpectedly, you may have had your missing posts entered. It doesn’t mean you’re a crook, a cheat, a bandit. It doesn’t suggest your mother doesn’t love you or that you’re a candidate for the next remake of “The Monster from the Black Lagoon”. It doesn’t mean you’re ugly, odiferous, or cranially challenged.

It does suggest you should perhaps pay closer attention to the scores that are and are not posted. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature and it’s not nice to carry a handicap that doesn’t truly reflect your recent golf performance.

Author: h. Alton Jones


One thought on “Big Brother is Golfing”

  1. A very strong message that should encourage the intended recipients to promptly and accurately post all scores. Has the MGA accepted the installation of this program? How often and when will individual’s handicaps be tracked> Is it an automatic function that will trace and input missed score postings? It could have a significant effect on stabilizing handicaps.



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