A Garrish Round Captures Low Net – Friday, November 16th

Howard Garr put his 15 handicap on top of a gross 78 to take low net honors Friday in a wild round on the Arroyo/Lakes courses. A bogey on the last hole was the only thing that kept him from shooting even par on the Lakes nine. Pat Collins and Mike Miller were unable to track Garr down each firing net 66 to tie for second place. Garr’s 78 fell in the 400 to one probability range, a good round by any standard.

Mike Miller didn’t even hear the footsteps of the second place finisher in the gross department. Miller carded three birdies to offset his three bogeys and turned in an even par round of 72. Garr’s 78 and a 79 by Pat Collins rounded out the top three gross scores on the day.

Low Net

  1. Howard Garr – 63
  2. Mike Miller and Pat Collins – 66

Low Gross

  1. Mike Miller – 72
  2. Howard Garr – 78
  3. Pat Collins – 79

View complete results.

Before concluding Garr, Miller and Collins were the only golfers competing, note that there were two eagles turned in for the round. Bruce Partridge chipped in on the usually unconquerable #9 Arroyo for his eagle. Howard Jones’ second shot to the par 5 #9 Lakes was pin high, but just caught the sand trap on the left edge of the green. His trap shot found the hole for the day’s second eagle.

The winning team coincidentally had the top gross finisher and top net finisher, Miller and Garr. Their teammates, Nick De Santis and Jim Speck contributed to their run away victory by shooting a net 69 and net 70 respectively. Skins went to Miller, Garr and Speck. They were kind enough to let Dan Hourihan, Bruce Partridge and Howard Jones have one each, but made them turn in eagles to hang on to the table scraps.

The average score on the day was 86.1 with the Arroyo side playing a half stroke tougher than the Lakes. It was an unusual day in that #7 Lakes was NOT the toughest hole for the field. The meanest hole title was shared by #6 Arroyo and #10 Lakes, each playing at even bogey. Someone said even I lost my ball on #6 Arroyo, but that’s not true. It’s not lost; I know exactly where it is.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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