Saturday – Riches, Monday – Rags

Monday, Gainey hosted at least two regular groups of golfers. One group, the “Minnesota Group” kept their scores secret. You have to wonder what they’re hiding. The other group, the ragamuffins, want to keep their scores (and their faces) secret. I’ve seen both and I can’t blame them.

The ragamuffins played a Modified Stableford – the traditional, correct one – with negatives for bogeys or worse. Lessons learned. Three out of the four teams finished with negative scores. Howard’s team, i.e. Howard Garr and Howard Jones, finished strongly positive and almost felt sorry for the other teams, but not so much as to refuse the winnings.

The rest of the competing teams fell so far into the abyss that a new member (welcome Russ Hagberg) purchased a round for the group in an attempt to keep the results secret. As a result of that quid-pro-quo, (I think that’s a new brand of golf ball), I have agreed to keep scores and faces secret. The photo to the right is of William Shakespeare, the guy that bought the round. The photo to the left is of Arnold Palmer, the guy that finished in dead last place and won the “Sponsor’s Trophy” for the week. For the other guys, they had to fight gale force winds (in their minds) frigid temperatures (in their memories) and a plague of locust (I think that’s from the Bible). Regardless of the reasons, they might want to consider the 1,000 typing monkeys on the works of Shakespeare trick. It appears they’d have about the same odds of shooting a sub-par round.

On the other hand, the sharks were out Saturday. The high rollers engaged in the $50 skins game. The big sticks beat each other into submission and only two skins were won. Incredibly, a birdie on the par 5 #9 Arroyo won $400. I birdied that hole today, and won a knuckle pump from my partner; whoopee doo. The other skin, i.e., the other $400, was won with a birdie on #2 Lakes. This is rated as the easiest hole in Scottsdale. A birdie on Men’s Day normally gets you a frustrated glance from 13 other golfers saying, “Yea? Me too.”  But Saturday . . . $400. Who say’s life is fair? Rick May (pictured) and Nick Rohen are $800 richer because the stars were aligned, the tea leaves did their thing and they made their putts.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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