Who Says Lightening Can’t Strike Twice in the Same Place?

Friday must have been that proverbial “cold day in hell”. It was a day when not one, but two of the golfers fired natural eagles for net double-eagles. Sure, that was unusual, but what was even more unusual is that they came on the same hole . . . from the same group . . . from teammates competing for potentially lucrative net-skins. Jim Stamatis chipped in on #9 Lakes for his eagle. Gary Anzalone followed that draining his eagle putt. Both golfers shot net double-eagle and received no net skin – no gross skin. It’s sort of like kissing your sister. It might have looked exciting to the casual onlooker, but it really didn’t do a thing for you.

There was a three way tie for low net honors between Dennis Kildare, Mike Hickey and Mike Wentrup each shooting net 66. Gary Anzalone took home the low gross prize with a 76. There was a four way tie for second place.

Low Net

  1. Dennis Kildare, Mike Hickey and Mike Wentrup – 66

Low Gross

  1. Gary Anzalone – 76
  2. Mike Hickey, Dave Inman, Jay Yourk and Harold Hoeg – 78

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As you might expect, a team that turns in two eagles finished DFL in the group game. The winning team was made up of Mike Hickey, Dave Inman, Bruce Partridge and Dan Hourihan. Rick Brown, Dennis Kildare, Don Coolidge along with their blind draw, Don Fruchtman finished tied for second place with the team Jay Yourk, George Stelmach, Howard Garr and Jim Steward. Kildare’s team won the scorecard playoff and left with second place money. Net skins went to Harold Hoeg, Bruce Partridge, Don Fruchtman, Dave Inman, Mike Hickey, Jim Stamatis and Rick Brown. Maybe it’s a good thing Anzalone and Stamatis walked on each other’s eagles. Skins would have been split so thinly as to not cover the cost of a lost ball.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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