Don’t Shoot Him; You’ll Just Make Him Mad – Men’s Day – November 7th

Jim Mantle may have been short-changed Monday when he shot the low net and still came up empty, but he corrected the injustice Wednesday by winning it all. He and his playing partner, Dale Folstad, deposited a 69 to take home first place and $200. Scott Thompson and Bruce Partridge shared second place honors with Steve King and his anonymous friend, Blind Draw, each carding a 71. Fourth and fifth places went to Phil Graham and Blind Draw (I wonder if it’s the same guy that played with King or a different guy that just looks the same) and the team of Joel Temple and Jim Woods.

Low Gross was shared between Bryan Noonan and Mike Miller at 73. Dale Folstad and Jay Yourk shot 61 and 64 for first and second respectively in the net division. Gross skins ($50 each) went to Gregg Hayutin (2 Arroyo), Don Roblee (6 Arroyo), Rick Taylor (1 Lakes), Dave Kopp (3 Lakes), Bryan Noonan ( 7 Lakes) and Jim Stamatis (8 Lakes). Net skins ($50 each) were won by Phil Graham (3 Arroyo), Don Roblee (6 Arroyo), Mike Matz (7 Arroyo), Bruce Partridge (2 Lakes), Ron Dobkin (6 Lakes) and Bryan Noonan (7 Lakes).

Complete Men’s Day results.

Within the Kildare Group, Jim Woods won low net with a 66. Mike Miller and Jim Stamatis were right on his heels at 67. Mike Miller grabbed low gross honors with his 73. Dave Kopp and Scott Thompson were five strokes back at 78. Team game winners were at 119 were Scott Thompson, Mike Miller, Bruce Partridge and Skyler Irvine. Jim Woods, Dennis Kildare, Dave Inman and Joel Temple finished at 122. Third place was taken by Howard Jones, Vinny Sollitto, Brian Laks and Tom Hansen with a 124.

Complete Kildare results.

The normal Kildare Group skins game was not played because the club handled skins on this date. Wouldn’t you know it? I would have won six skins. All six were cancelled at the club level, (but I know their names).

Dis-Mantled – Monday, November 5th

On any other day, Jim Mantle would be celebrating his win. His net 68 Monday was good enough to win low net honors. He was steady and consistent with nothing worse than a bogey. Unfortunately for Jim, the game Monday was best net score on each nine. As a result, he finished no better than third and took home none of the pot. Mike Forde won front side honors with his net 34. Sandy Wiener’s net 31 garnered the prize for having the best back side. I’m sure his wife appreciates that. Dave Inman and Gary Reibman finished second on the front and back respectively.

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Big Brother is Golfing

With human nature being what it is, everyone forgets to post a score from time-to-time. With a periodic lapse of memory, no one can be accused of malice or deceit. However, these lapses should tend to follow the fundamental laws of statistics. Scores above a handicap shouldn’t have a higher probability of being posted than those substantially below.

The computer program we’ve been using to record and analyze scores, calculate match results, skins, etc. continues to evolve into an increasingly powerful tool. It now has the capability to match scores with those recorded via the GHIN system for handicap calculations.

The program has been endowed with a set of statistical triggers that suggest postings may not be as reliable as they should be. It then compares postings made in the GHIN system to those recorded through the MGA. If there is a statistically significant difference in those scores, you may have scores posted in your behalf through the GHIN system and your official handicap will reflect those postings.

If you discover your handicap has changed unexpectedly, you may have had your missing posts entered. It doesn’t mean you’re a crook, a cheat, a bandit. It doesn’t suggest your mother doesn’t love you or that you’re a candidate for the next remake of “The Monster from the Black Lagoon”. It doesn’t mean you’re ugly, odiferous, or cranially challenged.

It does suggest you should perhaps pay closer attention to the scores that are and are not posted. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature and it’s not nice to carry a handicap that doesn’t truly reflect your recent golf performance.

Chef Jeff’s Holiday Party & MGA Fundraising Gala

Gainey Ranch Men’s Golf Association is hosting our 10th Annual Fundraising Gala

in conjunction with

Chef Jeff’s Holiday Party for members and guests to come together, enjoy some holiday cheer and give back to the community. Join us on November 29, 2012 at 6:00pm.

The GRMGA Charities have contributed to:

Dinner & Special Holiday Entertainment $50 Per Person | $100 Per Couple (Made payable by cash, check or credit card to the MGA Charity) *Includes event and food, drink specials will be available and charged to your member account.

Donations of time, money and silent auction items are being accepted. Please direct all inquiries to Dave Inman (480.951.9133) or Mike Miller (480.483.3646) to help.

All donations to the MGA charity event are tax deductible and are payable to: Gainey Ranch MGA Charities Tax ID#: 83-0404497

Space is limited, so reserve early.

The first 180 people to reserve will be seated in the Ballroom.  Overflow, if any, will be in the Member’s Grill.

Register online or contact the Gainey Ranch receptionist at 480.951.0022 to pay by check.

Announcing The Gainey Cup – Honor, Prestige, Profit

Click here for printable announcement: Gainey Cup Flyer

The 2012-2013 golf season at Gainey Ranch Golf Club is the inaugural year of the prestigious Race for the Gainey Cup. Just as the FedEx Cup rewards PGA players that perform at a consistently high level, the Gainey Cup will be awarded to the golfer that amasses the most points throughout the golf year. Points will be awarded for every MGA sanctioned tournament finish – the higher the finish, the greater the number of points. Consistency will be the name of the game. A single tournament win doesn’t guarantee the player the Cup. A single weak tournament performance doesn’t take him out of the running. Good play throughout the season will lead one MGA member to the top of the class.

There will be three regular tournaments and three majors. More points are awarded in the Majors.

There’s more than prestige winning the Gainey Cup. The prizes are fabulous. The winner receives free cart rentals for the 2013-2014 season (November 1, 2013 – April 30, 2014). For someone that golf’s three or four times per week, that amounts to more than $1,600. The winner also receives free entry into all MGA tournaments for the 2013-2014 season ($600), $250 club credit, their name on the Gainey cup trophy that stays at the club in the trophy case, and a trophy to take home.

The prizes for 2nd and 3rd place are $500 and $250 club credit respectively.

There is no cost; you are entered with your MGA membership.

A page will be dedicated on this site to maintain the rules and the current Gainey Cup standings as the season progresses. And we’ve got great news; YOU are currently tied for First Place!

Kopp Konquers the Kourse – Friday, November 2nd

Scottsdale temperatures may have cooled, but the golf clubs at Gainey Ranch were as hot as ever. Dave Kopp stalked the Arroyo/Lakes courses shooting an extremely steady 72 (net 64) to take low gross and low net honors. Dave surrounded two birdies and two bogeys with fourteen pars in route to victory. Mike Miller finished second with a 74 (net 68) and Gary Anzalone brought home third place with a 78 (net 70).

Bruce Partridge finished second in the net division with a 67 and Dennis Kildare and Mike Miller tied for third. The team game was one of Dennis Kildare’s more interesting ideas. Two man teams counted both net balls. The catch was that teams were not assigned until the match had been completed. The game computer created the teams in a completely random manner in the blink of an eye. First place went to Dan Hourihan and Mike Miller with a 137. Dave Kopp and Dave Inman grabbed second place at 138. Howard Jones and Jim Speck hung on for third with 141.

Low Gross

  1. Dave Kopp – 72
  2. Mike Miller – 74
  3. Gary Anzalone – 78

Low Net

  1. Dave Kopp – 64
  2. Bruce Partridge – 67
  3. Dennis Kildare and Mike Miller – 68

View complete results.

The real money was made with the net skins Friday. Despite the fact there was a full field, only two net skins were won. Ed Nafus had a natural eagle for a net two on the par five #9 Lakes. The only other net skin was with a net birdie on #2 Lakes. Dennis Kildare and Ed Nafus split $240. Scott Thompson was under the weather and didn’t play so there was no gross skins game. Once again my luck runs strong; I would have won two out of six of the gross skins. Mike Miller would have won two. Ed Nafus and Jay Yourk would have won one each.

The Ghost in the Golf Bag – October 31st

It was trick or treat for the Kildare Group golfers on Halloween. It was “treat” for Joel Temple, George Stelmach, Ed Nafus and Scott Thompson. It was “trick” for me. Joel’s recovery from foot surgery seems to be a non-issue as he cleaned up with a gross 74. He carded two birdies, a bogey and a double-bogey to go along with his 14 pars. Everyone agrees it’s nice to have Joel back, however, I’m hoping he’ll let someone else win sometime in the near future.

Low Gross

  1. Joel Temple – 74
  2. George Stelmach, Ed Nafus and Scott Thompson – 78

Low Net

  1. George Stelmach – 64
  2. Joel Temple – 65
  3. Brian Laks – 66

Sandy Wiener fired his second eagle in less than a month when he dropped in a three on the par 5 #6 Dunes course.

With twenty-four players in the field, only six failed to shoot net par or below. I was in that six. In fact, I finished sixth out of those six. I’m not sure what evil Halloween spirit inhabited my bag, but the S.O.B. had better be gone when I tee it up again tomorrow. My day was typified by my experience on #9 Lakes where I hit a drive close to the 150 yard marker. My eight-iron approach shot was dead on the stick until a slight breeze caused it to drift about twelve feet. This would have still been a fine second shot with a good crack at eagle had it not been for the fact that the edge of the lake was only ten feet distant. As Forrest Gump said, “. . . it happens.” A sure par was there and I still had a good chance of birdie from ten feet. Unfortunately, as I approached the drop point by the water’s edge I reached for a brand new Pro VIx – never been hit – ball. As I brought it out of my pocket, I fumbled it (Cardinal fans are familiar with this trick) and the evil spirits chased it directly into the lake to rest alongside my previously hit ball. I was eight bucks down and still hadn’t reached the green. This was one of the better parts of my day; it went downhill from there. But who am I to complain?