Wednesday – November 28th

Gary Anzalone with crownIt was Gary Anzalone Day at Gainey Wednesday. Gary took home low gross honors. Gary took home low net honors. Gary’s team took second place in the team game. Gary birdied #3 Arroyo. Gary birdied #3 Lakes.

Low Gross

  1. Gary Anzalone – 77
  2. Dave Inman and Scott Thompson – 81

Low Net

  1. Gary Anzalone and Dennis Kildare – 69
  2. Steve King and Jim Stamatis – 70

View complete results.

The team game ended in a three-way tie. The winners emerged after a scorecard playoff went back four holes and George Stelmach, Vinny Sollitto, Jim Speck and Laurence Rosen edged out Gary Anzalone, Dave Inman, Jim Woods and Jim Gabriel.

Skins winners remain a mystery. The club still hasn’t sent the sheets with overall results and as of Friday, they still weren’t posted in the men’s locker room.

It’s interesting that the Arroyo/Lakes combo has given up an average of 85.8 strokes per round over the past thousand rounds, but Wednesday’s average score was 87.3. A cynic might suspect that a pending handicap revision and a big Gainey Cup tournament only a couple days away had some bearing on the relatively poor scoring. However, an optimist and believer in human nature such as myself, is more inclined to believe the poor scoring was a result of the frigid temperatures and wind driven snows so common in Scottsdale at this time of year. I even heard a couple of golfers suffered from frostbite. Hopefully, they’ll recover by Saturday’s Holiday Classic.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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