Who is this man and why is he wearing a mask? Monday, December 24th

Buddy Stein on 8 ArroyoI received a note from Allen Rinzler saying “Buddy Stein would like to play in the Monday group. Any objections?”

“Is there any reason he shouldn’t?” I responded. “Is he easy money? Does he play slow? Does he cheat? For whom did he vote?”

I didn’t expect Allen to share my email with Buddy so I was surprised when I received an email from Buddy with the following responses to my questions.

“Is he easy money? Very, but try to collect. Does he play slow? Just a wee faster than Rinzler, but anyone is faster than Allen. Does he cheat? Only if no one is watching. For whom did he vote? Woodrow Wilson.”

It wasn’t clear to me if Buddy wrote in Wilson’s name in the last election or if he was waxing melancholy over his high school years. Only one way to find out. He was in the group behind me.

When the day was done, Buddy had tied for first place in the low net division. His team finished one stroke off the lead in the team competition. And Buddy filched the field by winning the lion’s share of the money in the round robin Nassau. He came, he conquered, he cashed in and left. That is why he is wearing a mask. And that is why he has that grin.

Complete results.

Despite Stein’s field ravaging performance, Monday’s game was the most competitive match in a long time. The top nine finishers were within three net strokes of each other. The top three teams were separated by only one stroke total. A scorecard playoff had to settle the match. The course played tough. Average scores hovered around 90 again. The “Sponsor’s Trophy” (for the individual contributing the most to the Buddy Stein Fund) went to Marwan Jalili. Match results. Individual Nassau match results.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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