2013 Week One in the Book

Jones with MuleThe last day of 2012 saw the course bring golfers to their knees. Chilly and breezy conditions on Monday resulted in scores rising like hot air balloons on a cold day. Averages exceeded 92 gross strokes per round. Low gross was high. Low net wasn’t much better.

Low Gross

  1. Howard Jones – 82
  2. Sandy Wiener – 83
  3. Dave Inman – 88

Low Net

  1. Howard Jones, Skyler Irvine and Sandy Wiener – 71

Seven Lakes again claimed toughest hole honors yielding only one birdie while giving up more triple-bogeys than bogeys and pars combined. Complete results.

January 2nd was the first Men’s Day of the New Year. Overall scores haven’t been sent out by the club yet, but judging from the scores of the players in the Kildare group, no records were set. Scores averaged slightly over 90 for the day (90.2) and birdies only appeared once in every two rounds. Winter is making golf tougher despite good course conditions. There’s also been a long overdue push toward putting the ball into the hole rather than picking up the unmissable “gimme” putts. Golfers are once again discovering it is more than possible to miss 18 inch putts.

Jim Stamatis ruled the day with a gross 77 for a net 65.

Low Gross

  1. Jim Stamatis – 77
  2. Joel Temple – 79
  3. Howard Jones and Cris Caruso – 85

Low Net

  1. Jim Stamatis – 65
  2. Dan Hourihan – 69
  3. Don Coolidge, Dennis Kildare and Jim Woods – 71

Complete results.

Dennis Kildare, Jim Gabriel, Joel Temple and Pat Collins won the inter-group match beating Jim Stamatis, Jim Speck, Jim Woods and Sandy Wiener by a couple of strokes.

By Friday, the course was a little more cooperative playing at an average score of 86.8. We had to bring in the big guns to whip it into shape. Bryan Noonan fired a 75 with Mike Miller right on his heels.

Low Gross

  1. Bryan Noonan – 75
  2. Mike Miller – 76
  3. Rick May – 78

Low Net

  1. Sandy Wiener – 67
  2. Pat Collins and Dennis Kildare – 68

Complete results.

Pat Collins and Don Fruchtman won the team match. Dave Inman and Tom Hansen finished second three strokes back while Gary Anzalone and Jim Woods took third place. 28 players competed, the biggest Kildare group ever.

Author: h. Alton Jones


2 thoughts on “2013 Week One in the Book”

  1. I scanned the prose in vain to discover a link between a 1930s style photograph of HJones Esq in the foothills of the mighty Aconcagua.
    I searched for a trite phrase like “Jones scales the heights” or “Jones makes an ass (or mule) of himself” but had to accept that the photo was a gratuitous, macho-induced, piece of self-aggrandizement! Surely not from one whose self-deprecation normally flows like sweet-scented water through his reports!


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