Wild Week and We’re Just Getting Started! January 9, 2013

Cap BrownIt has already been an eventful week at Gainey and it’s only half over. Cap Brown finished his 17th hole Monday and suffered a heart attack on the course. His teammates did everything they could as they waited for emergency crews to arrive. The ambulance arrived quickly and took Cap to the hospital where he remains as of this writing. He is currently on life support and the family and medical teams are evaluating their options. Our thoughts, prayers and warmest wishes go out to our friend Cap and his family members during this difficult time. Cap has battled back before and we’re hoping he can do it again.

The more mundane events of the day involved a good turnout for Monday golf. Golf scores were again high with Sandy Wiener and Jim Stamatis sharing low gross honors. Jim Woods, Jim Mantle and Steve King finished in second place one stroke back.

Low Net

  1. Jim Woods – 63
  2. Bruce Partridge – 64
  3. Jim Mantle – 67

Low Gross

  1. Sandy Wiener and Jim Stamatis – 83
  2. Jim Woods, Jim Mantle and Steve King – 84

Complete results.

The team game was the same format as will be played in the upcoming Winter Classic, i.e., a “highly modified” Stableford.  Jim Woods and Jim Stamatis ran away from the field Raoul Encinas and Howard Jones finishing five strokes back in second place. Steve Bartha and Bruce Partridge finished third ten strokes behind the leaders.  Full results.


Wednesday, January 9th – Men’s Day: Another big turnout and a day full of excitement. Here are the results of the full men’s day group.

1st Place – John Goesling, Steve Bartha, Doug Dewar and Bernie Katchen – 119

2nd Place – Sandy Wiener, Howard Jones, Jim Mantle and Jim Woods – 120

3rd Place – Jim Stamatis, Pat Collins, Jim Speck and Bruce Partridge – 124

4th Place -Ted Akiba, Dan Hellman, Don Donovan and Dale Fitzhenry – 124

5th Place – Joel Temple, Dan Hourihan, Ken Vlah and Brian Laks – 124

Low Gross

1. Bryan Noonan – 73

2. John Herold – 75

Low Net

1. Greg Luce and  Bernie Katchen – 64

The Kildare Group also had some spirited competition on a number of fronts. With a good turnout, Joel Temple garnered another low gross award with a 78. Howard Jones, Gary Anzalone and Sandy Wiener tied two strokes back for second place. Low net honors went to Howard Jones with a 67. George Stelmach and Sandy Wiener were one shot back.

Low Net

  1. Howard Jones – 67
  2. Sandy Wiener and George Stelmach – 68

Low Gross

  1. Joel Temple – 78
  2. Sandy Wiener, Howard Jones and Gary Anzalone – 80

The nonsensical (but true) statistic of the day: a full 25% of the Kildare Group participants Wednesday were named “Jim”. All scores.

The team game was two best balls of the foursome. The team of Sandy Wiener, Howard Jones, Jim Mantle and Jim Woods took first place with Pat Collins, Jim Speck, Jim Stamatis and Bruce Partridge three strokes back. Third place went to Joel Temple, Dan Hourihan, Ken Vlah and Brian Laks. Match results.

The day’s excitement reached a high when one of the winning team’s golfers pulled a drive left on #3 Lakes. It clicked a tree limb which directed the flight further left – apparently way further left. In fact, it seems it went far enough left so that it found the windshield of a vehicle parked adjacent to the course; at least that’s what an out-of-control gentleman claimed. As luck would have it, the owner of the car seemed to have been a “less than calm” gentleman with a criminal record related to an apparent inability to control his temper. He bolted onto the golf course, golf ball in hand, and began confronting golfers in an extremely threatening manner. He was so completely out of control that at various times, he aggressively approached golfers with overt threats of physical violence. He physically prevented golfers from hitting their shots. He ranted and raged seemingly without end. Fortunately for all concerned, he called the police. After shadowing the foursome for two entire holes all the while making physical threats, the police arrived and managed to at least get him off the golf course. Unfortunately, by now the course was backing up as an officer “detained” one of the golfers for “questioning”. By now, a police helicopter had arrived and hovered over the war zone for the better part of twenty minutes. It was entertaining and most bizarre. I’ll refrain from mentioning his name to save him the embarrassment (despite that fact that one of his more recent threats involved foisting public embarrassment upon one of the golfers). We wish him well in resolving his current criminal indictment and hope that he has settled down sufficiently as to avoid yet another one. Tiger Woods has difficulty retaining focus when he hears the clicks of cameras. Yet the winning team endured attacks from an uninvited trespasser, detainments by the police and helicopter surveillance as they lined up their putts. Take that Tiger Woods!

Author: h. Alton Jones


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