The Men’s Day Massacre – January 23, 2013

attila the hunThey rode up to the first tee with daggers in their teeth and fire in their eyes. They attacked the course. They pillaged and plundered. They took no prisoners. The team of Rick May, Howard Garr, Brian Laks and Jim Woods must have been in a foul mood. They butchered and dismembered the competition. The picture is believed to be that of Rick May addressing his putt on #14.

The overall Men’s Day match was extremely competitive and close if you ignore the marauders in first place. The second place, third place, fourth place and fifth place teams all turned in scores of 110. The cannibals in first place shot 103. General Custer would have thought the slaughter a little excessive. You can see the complete results here.

Skins were sparse. There were three gross and four net skins. Gross winners were: #7 Arroyo, Kurt Saulnier 3, #9 Arroyo, Steve Ellingsen 4, and #9 Lakes, with an eagle. Net skins went to: #3 Arroyo, Greg Luce 2, #9 Arroyo, Steve Ellingsen 3, #3 Lakes, Brian Laks 2, and #9 Lakes, Dan Hellman with a net double-eagle.

The casualties within the Kildare Group were extremely high thanks to May, Garr, Laks and Woodsy. Same song, second verse. By virtue of the fact that the Kildare game counted two balls rather than one on the par threes, the second place team was that of Howard Jones, Jim Mantle, George Stelmach and Mike Wentrup. After watching the booty taken by May, Garr, Laks and Woodsy, members of the second place team felt like they had taken their sisters to the prom. It just didn’t feel the same.

JHoward 1949ones won low gross in the Kildare Group. Jones won low net in the Kildare Group. Jones had a couple birdies, but none stood up for skins. Jones’ team finished one stroke out of the money for the Men’s Day Group. Jones left with a $5 profit from his team’s second place finish in the Kildare Group. Jones lost a ball that cost him $4.25 plus tax, i.e., $4.59. In other words, he played reasonably well and made a net profit of 41¢. That’s why he looked like this at the end of the round. Complete Kildare results here.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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