2013 Member/Member Tournament in the Book

2013 Member-Member WinnersThe 2013 Gainey Ranch Golf Club Member/Member tournament has been won by the team of Jim Stamatis and Dave Inman. Congratulations for an outstanding performance under difficult circumstances. They edged out the team of Gary Mattox and Jim Maxwell by just one stroke. Jim Stewart and Bob Proebstle finished third one stroke behind Mattox and Maxwell. Other than some excellent golf, it appeared the secret to winning was simply having someone named “Jim” our your team.

Dennis Kildare and Pat Collins grabbed fourth place, Rick “Go Green” Hurula and John Suarez finished fifth followed by the teams of Evan Carr and Kurt Saulnier, and Brian Laks and Sandy Wiener. Gary Anzalone and Dan Hellman tied the team of Alex Currie and Ed Nafus for eighth place.

Carie in furA total of 39 teams braved cold weather and hot discussions. The victors were nowhere near the torrid pace of last year’s winners (Cap Brown and Dick Delano), but the weather drove scores much higher this year.

This year’s fashion kings were the usual suspects. Mike Steele always dresses for the camera. Steve King was just plain cool. Most others looked their best for the year’s big event. You can see hundreds of photos from the event by finding the “Tournament Pictures” link on the right hand side of the screen toward the bottom of the page. You can also cast your vote for the best dressed golfer in the red survey box in the upper right corner of the screen.

Author: h. Alton Jones


One thought on “2013 Member/Member Tournament in the Book”

  1. Howard, another terrific post ! ! A great coverage of a very fun event. Margie enjoyed sharing a little time with you and Liz. We need you to carry on the good work and contributions.



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