An Interesting Experiment in Golf’s Laboratory

Carie WelshIt was the boys against the girls Monday at Gainey Ranch. Two outstanding lady golfers challenged the men on the links. The men’s teams that beat the ladies split the pot. We were going to insist that those who failed to out-perform the ladies be obligated to wear a teddy and lace panties when golfing for the next month. This idea was dropped after learning that two of the guys already wear lace panties when golfing. Guess who they are.

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Carie Welsh and Beverly Mackey put on an impressive display of skill. Carie opened her round with back-to-back birdies on #1 and #2 Dunes. Finally, on #3 Dunes, Carie played a hole like a mortal, but Beverly stepped in with her own birdie and followed that with a tough 3 on Dunes #4. They had a gross best ball of twelve strokes after four holes. It’s tough to beat that with a stick even if you know how to swing it.

That pBryan Noonan Member-Memberretty well summarized the story for the men. Out of twenty men playing on two-man teams, only two teams managed to beat the ladies. Bryan Noonan and Nick De Santis each turned in sold rounds for a first place finish. Rick May and Allan Rinzler manNick De Santis 2aged to finish one stroke in front of the ladies, however, the other eight teams seemed to enjoy watching from behind. None were closer than eight strokes back. Here’s how they finished.

140 – Nick De Santis, Bryan Noonan ($100)

149 – Rick May, Allan Rinzler ($100)

150 – Beverly Mackey, Carie Welsh

158 – Jim Mantle, Raoul Encinas

159 – George Stelmach, Mike Forde

160 – Steve Bartha, Marwan Jalili

161 – Howard Jones, Jim Woods  (Won tie-breaker on hole #18)

161 – Bruce Partridge, Darryl Johnson

164 – Buddy Stein, Gary Reibman

165 – Russ Hagberg, Dan Hourihan

171 – Sandy Wiener, Jim Dolson

Rick May Member-MemberThe $200 net skins pot was shared by Carie Welsh with three, Raoul Encinas with a pair and Jim Woods, Steve Bartha and Rick May taking one each. Bryan Noon shot the low gross round for the day with a 70 gross for a net 71. Carie Welsh carded a 67 for low net. She was followed by Mike Forde and Sandy Wiener with net 68s.Allan Rinzler 2

The experiment on the day didn’t end with the gender mixing. Each golfer was given the option to play from any set of tees as long as they were “U.S.G.A. rated” for his or her gender. We had scratch golfers playing from the forward tees and certified hackers (myself comes to mind) playing from the tips. The only caveat was that handicaps would be adjusted in strict accordance with U.S.G.A. rules. It was interesting to note that when the dust (and sand) had settled, there was no apparent correlation between chosen tees and net scores.

Author: h. Alton Jones


One thought on “An Interesting Experiment in Golf’s Laboratory”

  1. Loved the invite…format…and most of all your editorial!!! Thanks for putting such a fun day together!!! I hope the guys that I got to play with all really enjoyed themselves!!! I certainly did!!! Thanks Howard!!! 💋 carie


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