2013 Member-Guest a Hard Fought Tournament

Rick May 2 Member-Guest 2013When the going got tough, the tough played the 2013 Member-Guest Tournament at Gainey Ranch Golf Club. Competitors from all over the nation converged on Scottsdale from March 7th-9th and chased the prize under cloudy skies, cold winds and a downpour that pummeled golfers and course alike. The Arroyos ran deep and playing conditions were brutal. The weather was so severe that while huddled in the member’s grill during a lightning delay, participants were plunged into darkness for an hour or two when the entire area lost power following a lightning strike.

A couple of very short videos are available (compliments of Raoul Encinas) that will give you some idea of the conditions on the course. Rick May goes wadingNick Antonio gets hammered by the rain and sleet.

When all was said and done, the team of Joel Temple and Frank Miller prevailed. They defeated Rick Shock and Mike O’Connor in a dramatic chip-off on the eighteenth hole of the Lakes Course as temperatures chilled the bones of dozens of spectators. Guest, Frank Miller made his Michigan State Spartan friends proud when his chip across the water landed in the center of the greenTemple Miller rifle and curled toward the hole ensuring victory.

Flight winners and two “wild card” teams qualified for the exciting final round on the Lakes course. Raoul Encinas and his guest, Brian McGee were eliminated on #7 Lakes. Jim Stewart and his son, Chris Cuevas checked out on #8 Lakes. Dick Lockwood and his guest, Jayson Walker joined Mike Forde and guest, Phil Long as well as Ed Nafus and guest, Bob Drab in being eliminated on the earlier holes of the final round.

Despite being savaged by the weather, everyone seemed to have a great time. Competitors celebrated the final evening with another great dinner from Chef Jeff, one of the finest club chefs in Arizona. Dinner, dancing and partying with friends old and new highlighted the last night of the 2013 Member-Guest.

You can see images of the Awards Dinner here.


Author: h. Alton Jones


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