Golfing on the Dark Side of the Moon – Friday, March 15th

Howard the Fashionista 20130315 (4 of 5)Gainey Ranch Golf Club was a veritable hotbed Friday with a full house on all three nines. Kansans ran loose like feral cats. The usual mix of Friday golf groups filled in the cracks and crannies of every hole. My first impression upon arriving at Gainey was that a fraternity had decided to pull a prank to see how many cars could be squeezed into a few acres of parking lot. Foursomes followed fivesomes. Golfers were so numerous that even Jim Stewart had to wait on most holes.

The Kildare Group was forced to break into two separate (but equal) groups; one played Dunes/Arroyo, the other Arroyo/Lakes. Twenty eight players fought for the prizes. The golf management program rumbled and groaned as it tried to evaluate results from such a large group broken into a variety of contests. But when the dust had settled, the team of Bruce Partridge, Tom Hansen, Dennis Kildare, Jim Stewart and Nick De Santis came out on top in one match. Howard Garr, Mike Sheehan, Ken Vlah, Mike Forde and Bryan Noonan took the prize in the other match.

Skins were abundant, but lucrative. Joel “Darth” Temple won a pair. Tom Hansen, Jim Stewart and Bruce Partridge took home one each. In the parallel match, Ken Vlah grabbed two and Howard Garr, Jim Speck, Dan Hourihan, Pat Collins and George Stelmach escaped with one a piece.

In the combined match, the cream rose to the top.


  1. Bryan Noonan – 75
  2. Joel Temple – 76
  3. Rick May and Jay Yourk – 80


  1. Ken Vlah – 61
  2. Joel Temple and Dennis Kildare – 66

See all scores here.

Howard the Fashionista 20130315 (3 of 5)As most know, the Men’s Golf Association puts thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars every year into charities around Scottsdale. Following Friday’s match, some of the members revealed that they also help their own. Apparently, Howard Jones has been identified as a non-fashionista. Some of the boys chipped in to correct this and (as you can see) move him into the world of high golf fashion. No, this is not Steve Urkle; it is yours truly on the putting green, dressed to the nines and working on my stroke. The guys also chipped in to buy me a case of wine. They said it was to say thanks for all of the programming work done for the group, but I’m more inclined to believe it was intended to get me sufficiently toasted to wear my new wardrobe in public. We’ll see how that goes.

Author: h. Alton Jones


2 thoughts on “Golfing on the Dark Side of the Moon – Friday, March 15th”

  1. Thanks Howard, your hard work is very much appreciated. Its nice to see regular updates from
    Gainey when I’m dealing with the cold and snow in Calgary.

    I think you need to reopen the fashion idol poll for additional voting


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