Long Live the King – Club Champion Crowned.


Champion Bryan NoonanAll hail! Gainey Ranch Golf Club has crowned a new champion. After two hard fought days on a beautifully groomed course and 45 holes of challenging competition, Bryan Noonan conquered the field to take the prestigious title of Gainey Ranch Golf Club Champion for 2013. Bryan was strong and steady in his march to victory.

Senior Club Champion, John Herold
Senior Club Champion, John Herold

Congratulations also go to John Herold, the 2013 Gainey Ranch Golf Club Senior Champion.

A tip of the hat to the following individual flight winners as well – Dennis Kildare, Ted Akiba, Dave Inman, John Suarez and Bob Kenkel. We saw some spectacular golf from the biggest field the club as experienced for its championship.

The first annual Gainey Cup was awarded to Dave Inman. We salute him and all the other participants in what proved to be a great Club Championship.

You can peruse pictures from the two days by clicking here. Many of the photos are of framing quality. If anyone would like a wall ready format of any of the pictures, drop me an email at howard.jones@svTempest.com.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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