The British are Coming, the British are Coming!!!

RosensRecordIn a performance more worthy of a green jacket than a red coat, Laurence Rosen obliterated records Wednesday when he fired a lifetime personal best 74 for a net 58 on the challenging Arroyo/Lakes course combo at Gainey Ranch. I had the pleasure of playing in his group and watched as everything that went right went very right. Everything that went wrong went right. I still have never seen Laurence turn left.

He actually had a little wobble or two and finished bogey-bogey. He could have easily finished with a net 56, but still fired a round for the record book. Since monitoring golf scores in the Jones Golf Management program, thousands of rounds have been recorded and analyzed. Laurence’s round is the lowest net score posted. There have only been four other scores of 60 or better.  This is the first 58.

Even more amazing is the fact that in the thousands of rounds analyzed, there have only been two where the USGA odds were greater than 2,500 to one. Laurence’s round fell in the 14,000 to one range. It was truly a miraculous effort.

Meanwhile, back with the normal human golfers, the Men’s Day Honors went to the team of Howard Jones, Jim Stamatis, Mike Forde and (surprise) Laurence Rosen. They just edged out the team of Drew Price, Darryl Johnson and Jim Gabriel. They probably fell to second place because they had a draw that was apparently blind. Ted Akiba, Don Donovan, Dale Fitzhenry and another blind draw took third. Dan Zinda, Jim Maxwell, Gary Graham and Gerry Hall finished fourth after winning a scorecard playoff.

Drew Price turned in a fine score of 70 to take the low gross honors. Four gross skins were shared by John Herold, Sandy Wiener, Mike Wentrup and (surprise again) Laurence Rosen. Five net skins split between  Ted Akiba, Buddy Stein, Wiener, Wentrup and Rosen.

Those entertained by statistics may find it interesting to note that although Rosen’s team finished first in the overall Men’ Day tournament, it only managed second place within the Kildare group’s event. How is that possible? It seems a team in need of a blind draw picked the lucky name and edged out Rosen’s team. Tuppence for the poor.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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