Gus Williams Hits a Homerun

Gus Williams 2The 2013 Gus Williams Memorial Tournament was a rousing success. Approximately 100 golfers from Arizona and Colorado converged on Gainey Ranch Golf Club to celebrate the memory of Gus and his love of kid’s sports. The Arizona Foundation and Gus Williams Charity received a big boost from this year’s event with a contribution of $11,600.

GusWilliamsCharity (275 of 275)Playing conditions were great and the team of Rick May, Matt Binzler, Mike Steele and Jimmy Stewart took home first place in a fun day of golf. The real winners of the tournament were the kids of Arizona that will benefit from the contributions to ball fields and sports equipment. These were things that helped Gus grow up to become the leader he was and he was determined to give back to society those things that he received growing up in an orphanage.

A big thank you to all those who played and to those who were unable to play, but that made generous contributions to the charity. Gene Kloeckner, Dan Zinda, Laurence Rosen, Howard Garr and others all chipped it to make the event a great success.

Thanks to Liz McCarty for volunteering the time to take some great pictures of the event. They can be seen at or by clicking on the “Tournament Pictures” link on the right side of the screen.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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