Men’s Day – May 8th

DemetraScubaDavey Jones, Captain Hook and John Demetra – each is renown for having treasure at the bottom of the sea. John Demetra, left (shown dressed for golf), approached his errant ball at the corner of the lake on #6 Arroyo Monday. As he contemplated his approach shot, he took his $300 Scotty Cameron putter and gently placed it on the ground. It seems the center of gravity on this valuable putting implement was not located precisely where John had anticipated. Gravity proved the fallacy of his assumption and took the club and caused it to jump into the lake. John’s eyes widened as it quickly sunk into the murky darkness below. Efforts to retrieve the club were futile. As of this writing, it is not known if Scuba John revisited the lake in the darkness and recovered the club nor is it known what the USGA ruling would be in the event that a key club runs away from the bag and jumps of its own free will into a dark and deep body of water.

Speaking of pirates, Wednesday’s Men’s Day was won by the team of Mike Wentrup, Gary Anzalone, Tom Hansen and Howard Jones. When one faltered, another surged and the shipmates ran away from the field beating their closest competitors by five strokes. Dave Inman, Don Coolidge, Marty Howe and Bruce Partridge finished second edging out Ted Akiba, Dale Fitzhenry, Don Roblee and the blind guy on a scorecard playoff.

Dave Inman and Mike Matz split the gross skins pot while the net skins were divided up between Ken Vlah, Howard Jones (2), Dave Inman, Mike Matz, Dale Fitzhenry and Don Coolidge.

Plenty of players went low (as opposed to deep). Joel Temple and Dave Inman both shot 74 while Scott Thompson, Rick May and Gary Anzalone finished close behind. Steve King, Don Coolidge and Joel Temple all turned in net 65s on the day. The course conditions were good. The weather was perfect.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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