Non-Men’s Day #1 – May 22, 2013

Tom Hansen
Tom Hansen

Golf is a numbers game. I’ve always found it enjoyable to pursue truth via the path of numbers. But analyzing golf statistically is sort of like watching a magic show with all the lights turned off. You’re not real sure of what’s going on right in front of you and you probably wouldn’t believe it even if you could see it. Wednesday’s Kildare Group offers the proof.

Formal “Men’s Day” has been discontinued until fall. It’s the time of year when many members leave the dry heat to return to the land of mosquitoes, humidity and sweat. So of course, the Kildare Group had its biggest turnout ever. Twenty-seven golfers competed as temperatures in Scottsdale broke through the 100° mark.

As you might expect with the more torturous conditions, scores skyrocketed. Hold that thought – there seems to be an error. The average score of the group was approximately

Jim Mantle
Jim Mantle

four strokes below the year’s average. Nearly a quarter of the field shot in the seventies – gross. Dave Inman shot even par on the Arroyo nine while Rick May posted a gross 33 on the Lakes nine. There were two eagles and thirty birdies on the day.

Low Net
1. Tom Hansen – 64
2. Jim Mantle – 65
3. Don Coolidge – 66

Low Gross
1. Rick May – 73
2. Joel Temple and Scott Thompson – 76

In the team competition, seven teams played a “Gainey style” modified stableford. Rick May, Mike Hickey, Jim Mantle and Tom Hansen put some distance between them and their nearest competitors amassing 131 points. Eric Nielsen, Don Coolidge and Sandy Wiener’s team finished second with 107 points while Scott Thompson, Jason Sample, Jim Woods and Mike Wentrup took third place with 102 points.

Rick May
Rick May

Six net skins paid $60 each and went to Jim Stamatis, Scott Thompson, George Stelmach, Mike Wentrup and Rick May (2). A gross skins pot was split up between Dave Inman, Jim Stamatis, Drew Price, Scott Thompson and Rick May (3).

All in all, it was a great golf day enjoyed by all.

Author: h. Alton Jones


One thought on “Non-Men’s Day #1 – May 22, 2013”

  1. Great post Howard. Thanks again for doing all the final detail. Hope you enjoyed getting out and about as much as I did during my re-hab.



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