The Battle for the Inferno Cup has been Joined!

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson

The competition for the Inferno Cup was launched Friday, May 31st and continues through September. Thirty-five Gainey golfers seek the prizes. There were some fine scores posted, but with the rule of every ball hitting the bottom of the hole in place, there were also some rough holes reported. There were thirty triple-bogeys (or worse) on the day.

Kurt Saulnier and Bryan Noonan tied for low gross honors on the day, each carding a 72. Saulnier fired 34-38 on the Arroyo/Lakes courses while Noonan shot 38-34.

Ken Vlah
Ken Vlah

Fifty first place Cup points went to the team of Scott Thompson and Ken Vlah. Thompson turned in a respectable 78 gross while Vlah defied the odds with a net 63. The team of Bryan Noonan and Jim Woods staked its claim with a second place finish and forty points each. Mike Nichols and Steve King captured thirty points each. Dave Inman and Bruce Partridge went home with twenty points each and Kurt Saulnier pocketed the last ten points.

In the “day match” which included some players not participating in the Inferno Cup competition, the winning teams lined up with the Cup’s winning teams. However, there were some stand-out rounds turned in. In the net competition, Ken

Vlah and Mike Nysather tied for the lead with net 63. Nysather is the prodigal son of Gainey Ranch having been a member a couple years back and now joining again. Based upon his score (77 gross), there is speculation that his three year absence may have been due to his play on the European Tour. He should be in pretty good shape when he gets the bugs worked out of his swing.


Low Net

  • Ken Vlah, Mike Nysather – 63
  • Jim Woods – 64

Low Gross

  • Kurt Saulnier, Bryan Noonan – 72
  • Mike Nysather – 77

There were a total four net skins and eight gross skins. Rick May bagged two gross. Bryan Noon won two. Others went to Harold Hoeg, Kurt Saulnier, Sandy Wiener and Steve King. Net skins went to Mike Nysather (2), Vlah and King.

It will come as no surprise that holes #7 and #8 on the Lakes nine played the hardest for the field averaging “bogey and a quarter” for the day.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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